Did you know…

…that we have a cat?

Me either. 🙃

I had the back door open to schlep something onto the back porch and she wandered right in.

Of course my girl child knew her.

“That’s Busty,” she said. “I see her at the corner on my way home from school.”

They went back outside where my girl, in pjs and bare feet, played with her. I took pity on her and threw a jacket and some slippers out the back door.

I texted her dad that we have a cat now.

“No,” he texted back.

They came back in. I closed the doors to the bedroom, bathroom and basement and left them to play.

“Too late,” I texted back.*

Lucky for him, Busty has a tag, a label, and we even know (suspect) which house she lives in. I just hope my girl isn’t starting a new trend where every cat from the neighbourhood starts showing up here for playdates. 🙂

*When we moved in together into our first apartment, he did not get along with my two cats. For some reason, the cats ended up at my parents’ place. I think about this today… 😉



14 thoughts on “Did you know…

  1. Cats communicate over long distances telepathically. Once you show a kind heart to strays, then you will have cats show up in force. My suggestion? Bail. Bail now before it is too late. If you must feed them, put the dish a few houses down.

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  2. I had a cat for a couple of months that decided to come live with me. Poor thing was a mess and had a huge gash on it’s side. Got it to the vet to make sure it was okay, got him shots and dewormed and loved on and back to full health. All in time for the owners to see him on my porch. He had apparently run away on the day they’d moved in nearly a year before and could never find him. They were thrilled to get him back, but I was so sad to see him go.

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      1. There were lots of possibilities. A dog or another cat, some other animal (lived in a small town surrounded by small farms, so lots of animals in the area) or even got caught up in some barbed wire fencing kind of thing (again, small town and lots of farms). It was a pretty ugly gash. The vet left it because it was already well into the healing stage and would require surgery to open it back up and repair it. He was a really happy, loving kitty, though.

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