My part’s done*

*I climbed the ladder to the attic, ignored the box of cables and other assorted junk we store up there, dug out the bin with the stand, brought it down the ladder, didn’t kill myself in the process by falling down the ladder while balancing the bin in my hand, and put it together. What more do they want?


9 thoughts on “My part’s done*

  1. I’d say you’ve done your part. If anyone wants something to fill the stand then it’s there turn, or you could simply shove a light (or candle) into the empty space and call it good 🙂

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    1. Lol.


      In the meanwhile there is a Charlie Brown tree, and my girl and I managed to untangle the lights and put them on. Which caused half the tree to lose more needles making it look even more like a Charlie Brown tree. I’m ok with that though… 🙂

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