Short supply

Imagine a book. Its pages empty. Because no one is writing the words.

That would be me.

I quit. For now. Until I don’t anymore. Most likely what will happen is I will find the greatest inspiration, the best word combination, the most compelling continuation about the part that I’m stuck in during a time that is completely inappropriate and untimely.

But such is how the cookie crumbles with me.

WordPress is disconnecting things and making my posts disappear and reminding me that I’m getting mighty full here and that I should upgrade which will give me more space.

Upgrade always means pay for things.

I don’t want to pay. But I will have to. Like I did with Evernote. I upgraded there and I’m glad I did it and technically, it’s an automatic payment so I don’t even see it but…

It’s still money going out.

‘Tis the time of year when that, among many other things, is short in supply.


Have a great day! I’ll try to do the same. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Short supply

  1. WP wants me to upgrade as well . I really do not want to pay but I will if I have to. I wasn’t seeing your posts . This happened with a couple of my posts and there was a time I couldn’t post a photo. So I’m thinking after the holidays when I have some extra cash if that’s even possible I will upgrade.

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  2. Funny you should mention upgrading. I just did that yesterday, because I went to upload a photo and I’d reached my limit. I knew I was close (99.8% the last time I checked), so I figured I’d eventually have to bite the bullet. Either that or no longer post pics. Not happening!

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  3. I watch what goes out, especially on a monthly basis. If I’m paying for something, I’d prefer to pay a one-off annual amount – I find that easier to deal with. It’s too sneaky, things coming off each month, but from what I hear, people prefer that, these days.

    I’ve just had an email from WordPress – I have premium (didn’t want ads on my site) – the email is worded in such a way as to keep WordPress going – of course, they don’t care about you! ‘You are coming up to your anniversary – congrats!’ – when what they are really saying is – we’re going to take this amount of money from you – you don’t have to do anything – we’ll take it anyway.

    And there is no obvious information as to how to give up WordPress! That is much more in the small print.

    But I’ve looked elsewhere. Ghost – I liked the look of that one, but it is more expensive, and seems to work only on a monthly fee basis. £22 a month for the basic. That’s a lot for me.

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  4. WP is clearly doing weird things with your site. I won’t see one for 24 hours then 2 or 3 will show up within an hour of each other, and they clearly were not written all at the same time. And the comment thing… that is happening a lot to you.
    Before you invest $ here, you need to have a serious talk with the WP people…

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