An irksome morning

Today I attracted a bunch of airheads and an asswipe. So I came home at lunch and I’m not leaving ever again.

Really, who needs to shop in stores in December? I’m not trying to put a damper on those of you who are all up on Christmas festivities, but tell me, is it the month of December that brings out all the idiots? Or is it me? Am I attracting them?

First of all, I had a appointment with an audiologist this morning. I’ve had her before, I see her about once a year or so. (I had meningitis as a child and lost some hearing at the time.)

Anyway, she puts me in this chair and we start talking as she sets up the test in the sound proof booth. Then, she says she needs to get something from another room and as she departs, she faces away from me and continues talking.

This is an audiologist, a person who is trained to deal with people who have hearing loss.

In addition to that she has a heavy accent (she’s Chinese)…She’s young, and very nice, but…really?

I just shake my head. Eventually she’ll clue in. Or maybe not. (She was like this when I met her several years ago and she still is now so I don’t think there’s much hope for improvement…)

Afterwards I went into some stores. I had to cut a new house key since mine seems to have gone missing (it’ll probably turn up in a snow bank when it melts or something). When the guy finished, he sent me to the register to pay.

The lineup for the registers was at the other end of a huge store. A man holding a giant box of Christmas lights walked closely behind me. A few feet before we had to stop to queue behind other people, he passed me and stood directly in front of me. It’s like he cut me off without cutting me off. You know what I mean?

I just looked at him. Obviously he’s an asswipe, a rude and obnoxious one. He sort of glanced at me as inconspicuously as he could and then looked away.

So I spoke. I said as politely as I could muster:

“Go ahead. Your time is obviously much more important than mine.”

He didn’t react.


There were a lot of registers open so the line moved quickly. At register 12, a little old lady was serving a customer. A tv screen above the people waiting in line was flashing which register is available to go to next, while simultaneously an automated voice announced “please go to register 8”.

While this is happening, our asswipe friend started to walk toward register 8 when the old lady at register 12 waved him over.

Momentarily the asswipe was confused.

I wasn’t not confused. I was irked.

Why have the stupid automated thingy tell us where to go if she can just wave us to her register whenever she feels like it? Besides, her customer hadn’t even departed yet indicating that she wasn’t exactly free.

Register 8 was free. The man on the recording said so, and so did the tv screen.

(Omg. I mean, if she had been in a store with a single register, it would have been one thing, but in this particular ginormous store, what she did was confuse the customers who were just trying to follow the rules to keep things orderly and moving…)

Anyway. I need to not go to stores or shop or be out among people, obviously.

I needed a break.

So, I treated myself to a tall latte at Starbucks on the way home. I wanted to unwind, read some blogs, relax. I didn’t get a chance to do this in the morning because of my early appointment and a bunch of family members not going about their usual routine disrupting mine. This always leaves me flustered and discombobulated…

When it was my turn, I ordered my coffee and the dude at the register was all chirpy and smiley. I pulled out a baggie of cash and asked him if it was ok to pay with coins.

“I would love to get those coins off of you,” he said and we counted out the enormous price of a Starbucks latte together.

My baggie is a little lighter now. πŸ™‚

When I got to the end of the counter to await my coffee,Β  the barista preparing the drinks was flustered. She was working on some sweet, whipcream-laden concoction and when it came to sprinkle it with a bit of tiny chocolate chips, the lid of her container flew off and the drink ended up with a triple amount of chocolate chips on it. The guy who was waiting for it only smiled and took the drink anyway but the barista made a fuss giggling and laughing with a bunch of female customers sitting nearby at the bar.

I waited for my coffee.

Next she had to make an ice tea involving a set of instructions mimicking brain surgery, and a second, hot drink for the companion which also included all kinds of walking back and forth and squirting colourful liquids into the cup (I don’t know…). All the while she kept giggling and making jokes about the sprinkles.

I waited for my coffee.

Finally the two customers ahead of me left to go prepare for their sugar coma, and the barista looked at me and said “you’re the mumblejumble latte with mumblejumble?”.

I said “I ordered a tall latte.”

She said “yes, that’s what I said, a mumblejumbleblablablah latte with bladibla, right?”

Whatever. Just give me my drink you airhead, I said back to her. (No I didn’t but I wanted to.)

Is it me? Am I attracting these people? I mean, the words TALL LATTE do not include all these adjectives…(or do they? What do I know…)


I drank my drink, which was hot and exactly how it was supposed to taste even though I waited 22 minutes for it (not really) and read some blogs and emails and then I came home and…the house is a mess. The husband is working in my writing spot. The boy is…I don’t know. I can hear him coughing downstairs.

I think maybe I better stay in for the remainder of December. I don’t think I can handle going through this on a regular basis.

So how was your hump day? Better than mine, I hope..





27 thoughts on “An irksome morning

  1. You probably don’t know this about me, but I have literally been writing audiology articles for 7 years and…facing the person when you speak is the very first thing any audiologist should have learned in school. It’s so basic it’s ridiculous.

    I wouldn’t leave the house until after the 1st of the year if I were you.


  2. I don’t like shopping at the best of times but December is a nightmare. I have to admit that I do all my Christmas shopping on Amazon — no people, no queues and all the presents are wrapped and delivered to (usually) the right people.

    I can even make my own coffee while doing so πŸ˜‰

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  3. I know exactly what you mean. My day was very similar. I was out shopping. In a big store. I was buying Christmas lights, too. There was a woman giving me side eye. She seemed nice and all, until she said, β€œGo ahead. Your time is obviously much more important than mine.” I just ignored her and went to Starbucks. πŸ€“

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  4. This is one of the reasons (there are actually many) why I do not shop by myself all that often. Having another human with me prevents me from murdering the idiots. Or running over them with my car. I’m really not a violent person, but get me into any store with idiots and their shopping carts and my nasty, evil side pokes it’s head out and starts planning places to hide the bodies. The number of rant posts I have written in my head on the way home after such episodes is massive. Thankfully the act of going through that process usually lowers my blood pressure enough that it isn’t necessary when I finally get there.

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  5. Shopping involves strategic planning anymore. There are certain times of the day, and even certain days, that unless I deem things to be a true emergency, I will not go into stores to shop. The holiday’s don’t help either, you’re right about that.

    I wish I had been behind you in that mega-store queue and that you would have called that guy an asswipe to his face. It would have been such a highlight to witness πŸ™‚

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  6. “Airheads and Ass wipes” fall under the general heading “Douche Bag”, and that is a category that is growing at an extreme exponential rate. My experience now tells me that 4 of every 5 people fall into this category.

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  7. I would love to preach happiness and light and all things positive. Sadly, I am prone to losing my shit completely. When shopping, it is not uncommon of me to just abandon whatever is in my cart and walk away. Seems better than a fight.
    On a side note, I do not swear a lot. I only use it for what it was intended. Basically that means whenever I am shopping or waiting for the bus. My girlfriend finds it absolutely hilarious.

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    1. I have done this, walked away from a full basket or cart. Not often…but at least twice. Probably during the month of December…. Usually though I am able to grin and bear it but there are days….ugh.

      I hear you! πŸ™‚

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  8. I firmly and earnestly believe the world would be a better and more civil place if everyone was allowed one free smack of another person each and every month.

    Sometimes people need to be cuffed in the back of the head and other times a full-on, fingers akimbo, palm-stinging SMACK! Right across their cheeks.

    Dare to dream.


  9. In my early thirties, at the insistence of my then-spouse, I visited an audiologist to check on suspected hearing loss. I did the various tests, and then he announce that, indeed, I had lost certain frequency ranges. I opined that it was probably from loud noise–my family had spent time at shooting ranges. He said the pattern of loss looked more like a genetic component–and that it would likely worsen as I aged. All my sisters have similar problems, and now, in our sixties, are relenting and getting hearing aids. So far, I’m a holdout. I only notice it when there’s background noise–like a crowd, or if someone speaks to me when they’re facing in another direction. I sigh. They don’t know. But Thanksgiving was an eye-opener. I couldn’t hear anyone at dinner–just the din of it all. I finally retreated to another room for some peace…and remembered my father doing the same thing in his sixties. I guess it’s time to either retreat from human contact, or give in and get the hearing aids.

    For most people, turning away while talking is a minor thing. For an audiologist…just plain dumb.

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    1. I completely understand. Noisy environments are mentally taxing for people who have hearing loss, even if they are in denial over it.

      Digital technology is a wonderful thing. Investigate online. There are many improved options geared toward people who suffer from age- or genetic onset hearing loss. It is nothing how it used to be back in the analogue days. I remember a child wearing a box in front of his chest that fed wires into his ears in the late 70s… Those days are long gone.

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