The daily cheese celebration

While everyone in America is celebrating Thanksgiving and eating massive amounts of home-cooked food I am sitting here fantasizing about about…

…Cheese.  🧀🧀🧀

Yes, I still have Swiss 🇨🇭 blood in me, after all these years of living in Canada. You can’t make me stop loving cheese. Or eating cheese.

I eat cheese more often than chocolate, if you must know the truth. 🍫 😀 🍫

But I’ll tell you why I’m all obsessed about cheese today. Because of this:

Have you ever seen an Advent calendar with cheese hidden behind each door? 😯 I haven’t. This is a first for me. 🙂

My mom brought this over today. We had coffee and a chat after she gifted the children with chocolate calendars (they’re at school and didn’t see their grandma this time – sadly the lego Advent calendar days are behind us), at which point she presented the cheese calendar to me. 💕

I am going to be eating a teeny tiny piece of cheese every day in December (and I may or may not have a glass of wine with that simultaneously). 🍷

I guess there will be a little bit less bah humbug and a little bit more merriment coming to my little corner during this year’s advent season.


16 thoughts on “The daily cheese celebration

  1. Although I love cheese too, I think a more perfect Advent Calendar for me would have jerky behind each door. From lots of different types of critters.
    “There’s too much meat,” is something you’ll never hear me say.

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