Crowds at a craft show

I spent Saturday getting pushed around by a lot of people for hours and didn’t even get a bad mood.

At least not until much later. 😏

I knew ahead of time that the One of a Kind Christmas show here in Toronto would be busy. It was the first weekend of its two-week run, and we already had snow. Snow, it seems, gets people into the Christmas spirit. Or the shopping spirit which really is pretty much the same thing these days… but my daughter really wanted to go and so we went.

Excuse me, I made a mistake. The show is now called the One of a Kind Winter show. They removed the word Christmas from the title but no one was comfortable enough to remove the many brightly lit Christmas trees throughout the hall…

(Don’t mind me. I just think sometimes things go a little too far in one direction…)

Anyway, I was explaining about the crowds. There were many people and tiny children and baby strollers and seniors with walkers and wheelchairs and it was very busy, is what I’m saying.

In previous years I found that going right at 10 am was best as the really heavy crowds didn’t seem to arrive till around 1 pm. But I knew today was going to be bad before we even reached the parking lot. There was a line of cars trying to turn into the roadway which blocked the intersection. Traffic was at a full stop. Gridlock. (What else is new…)

So we turned right and parked further away and walked across the street.

Do not get me started on the parking fees at these events. It’s murder what they feel is appropriate pricing for parking your car. The parking prices used to be much cheaper in that lot across the street but alas…they increased it threefold. Because of course they did.

Taking the train would have cost just as much, and transit would have taken over an hour and a half, probably more, one way, for what took us 20 minutes by car.

City life is not for wimps.


We parked by paying with two of my limbs and a kidney, then stood in a very long but ultimately fast moving line to enter the show. We came in at the letter Z and made our way to the letter A.

Sort of.

We noticed after about two aisles that the middle letters were a lot quieter. So we went to the letter K and moved toward Z, and after a short lunch break, moved from K toward A.

The girl child wanted poutine for lunch.

I paid for it with my remaining limbs and the promise of my next child’s kidney (har) and that’s the last complaint you’ll get from me about the ridiculous prices of things like parking and mediocre lunches.

In this post. 😂

Anyway despite the crowds we had a nice time. The girl shopped for some new tea flavours…

…a gift for a family member who is hosting Christmas this year, and some chocolates.

I window-shopped. I saw many things I liked: dainty, delicate bracelets, gorgeous flowing silky tops, cute but warm hats, stain glass ornaments in birds or other shapes, sauces and mustards, cookies and sweets, pickles and cured or smoked meat or fish…


I saw some earrings I liked, gorgeous art (painted or print), and many ingenious and original craft items like pottery, glass wares, ornaments, and both ornamental or practical metal, wooden or leather items.

These climbers were very popular wall ornaments.
We’ve never seen these two sports mentioned before…
You can mount this running girl on the wall and hang all her medals from the hooks. Her brother has a hockey player shape.

There were even unique pepper mills. I need a new one…

We tried a pepper mill which looked a little like an old-fashioned coffee grinder. But we decided not to get that one, after all.

I didn’t buy anything. I will, however, look through the catalogue and check out their online wares. Who knows, I may still treat myself to something before the year is out.

By about 1 pm, as predicted, the crowds got even worse, so my girl and I left. I stopped off at a store on the way home to pick up a few essentials, dropped her off to stay with the dog, then drove myself to the rink to watch my son play in a hockey tournament. He’s been on a scoring streak and they won two out of three games so far, so I decided to head over and watch him again.

He scored and they won. 😉

All in all, a nice day.

In terms of my bad mood later in the day, it had to do with children and chores. 🙄

The antidote for a bad mood, besides children doing their chores as requested, is to type something, which is why you get to read this here post from me. 🙂

You’re welcome.

14 thoughts on “Crowds at a craft show

  1. Totally agree about political correctness run amok these days. Too many people try to overcompensate and take things too far in the other direction.

    Poutine is a novelty here. I need to figure out where to get some.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the post!🙂
    I am with Deb. But if I had a daughter (I always wanted a daughter!) who wanted to go I would so be there with her.
    My son would have zero interest. Haha.
    Good for your son! Glad most of the day was a good one!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I used to love these crafty holiday show things, until just as you describe the prices became ridiculous, the parking was insane, I got whacked one to many times by a stroller and I realized I really didn’t need another jar of mustard or gourmet hot chocolate. I still think about going every year, then just let the days slip past until it’s all over 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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