Don’t be afraid of white space

Have you ever come across a blog post or a comment that is quite lengthy and the words are all grouped together and the thoughts are one big mixed-up jumble and there are no pauses or breaks or spaces and the entire thing runs on and on quite possibly with multiple thoughts within the same paragraph and after reading a few sentences you notice your brain starts to hurt?

Add some white spaces.

Insert some empty lines.

Like I just did.

Just hit enter.

It’s not hard.

I love reading longer posts or comments but it is so tiring on the eyes and brain to see a huge clump of words all grouped together into one giant paragraph without a break or a breather.

Especially in comments. Comments require white space just as much as regular blog posts.

Don’t be afraid of a little white space. You will encourage, rather than discourage, people to continue reading. Because I can guarantee you, I am not one to stick around for long if you write on and on without white space. And I really do want to read you!

So please, remember:

White space is your friend. πŸ™‚

28 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid of white space

  1. My wife (Cupcake Cache) teaches Composition at the Collegiate level…and I can tell you, “white space” is the least of their problems. Try reading a “composition paper” that looks more like a 3 page text message, emoji’s and all. No paragraphs, punctuation, capitalization, margin control……you get the picture.


    1. I don’t know if it’s correct or not. What I’m saying is, if there are lengthy paragraphs without white space, I probably will lose interest (or my place while reading) and I won’t absorb all the interesting things that are being said.

      I need white space to break up the thoughts, especially on an electronic screen.

      Maybe academics are different…I’ll ask my partner. He teaches college kids. πŸ™‚

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  2. Brilliant advice. My Blog format was conceived and structured with white space as the focal theme. Minimalistic, uncluttered aesthetic. The reader can breathe and navigate freely. Fewer the words, the better. Thanks, Claudette.

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      1. I hate clutter. I’m allergic to it. The kids call it ‘rage’ and they’re not wrong.

        With words it’s just easier to leave, not read. Which is unfortunate because sometimes the person writing has interesting things to say but for the love of all things written or typed, INSERT THE WHITE SPACE!

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