DIY haircut

Yesterday I gave my tween a haircut.

Actually, first I called the salon in our village-like neighbourhood to see if they could squeeze her in. That was on Saturday.

Nope, they said, they were fully booked.

The girl child said she was ok with waiting, but her bottom inch or so of her medium-length blond hair was dry like straw and starting to bother her.

She and I both use coconut oil to rub into our hair ends to condition them, but at some point, we realize we need a proper trim.

Her time had come.

Well, we didn’t feel like looking for another salon, we quite like Karla at ours, so on Sunday I suggested I give her a trim.

“We can always go to Karla next week if we need to fix things,” my daughter said and I agreed.

Her hair has some curls near the bottom so really, I wasn’t too concerned with mistakes. Besides, I’ve cut her hair before. I wasn’t (too) worried.

So I placed the bar stool in the kitchen facing the tv with a baby animal show on and started snipping.

“Not too much,” she cautioned me.

I took about an inch off, and we both liked the end result. 🙂

Saved myself about $20 right there…

At what age do kids refuse their parents’ hairstyling adventures? I was kind of surprised she allowed me to cut her hair.

This morning in the meanwhile, I felt more than a little irritation at my own hair. Mine is long, halfway down my back, and in dire need of a proper cut.

Perhaps Karla needs to come to my rescue this week…

Having been through the feathered look of the 80s but unable to visit hair salons regularly (it can add up quickly) I remember being fascinated and a little envious of all the rich and preppy kids’ hairstyles.

I never did get the hang of doing that thing with the blow-dryer, and I hated hair spray, so I suffered through my teens without the feathered look. 😲

Today I go for practical more often than style. I do make an effort to style it slightly, mostly with aforementioned coconut oil which helps keep the frizz in damp weather under control.

Since having discovered the magic of this oil, which I get in a huge container I keep in the kitchen, I’ve saved myself a lot of cash since I no longer purchase styling products. I scoop some of the semi-hard oil into a smaller container which I keep in the bathroom and use that.

The only time I buy hair products is if I need a colour. My hair has quite a bit of gray in it and that is also bothering me. It’s genetic – my mom has coloured her hair as far back as I an remember. So I buy a box when it goes on sale and curse for half an hour while I apply it. A salon visit would set me back at least $60, probably more, which cuts into the food budget.

Tell me, how much fuss does your hair require of you? And did you cut your kids’ hair when they were young?

29 thoughts on “DIY haircut

  1. My daughter (15 y.o.) trims her own hair, but I used to. Started taking her to the salon about 2 years ago, but she doesn’t like the wait time.

    I still cut my 14 y.o. son’s hair (not much lately since he’s growing it out).

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  2. I cut my daughter’s hair once when she was four, thinking, “Oh surely I can do this.” It came out soo bad that the adults at her preschool asked me if she had gotten a hold of the scissors herself and cut her own hair! 🙂 I always took her to a hair salon after that. I only use shampoo. I discovered by accident that my hair looks better when I don’t use conditioner. I used to buy those boxed hair dye kits, but then my scalp started to itch. I’m in my 60’s now and look great with some grey 🙂

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  3. I’m still cutting my son’s hair. He has longish, shoulder-length hair and doesn’t like anyone to touch it except me. I keep suggesting he go to a salon from time to time to straighten it out – I’m positive over time it is becoming more and more slanted – but he refuses. At this rate I’ll still be cutting it until he’s 50.

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  4. I am the family stylist. I do Hubby, MC and BG’s hair. The guys are pretty easy. Hubby is a straight up buzz at a 3 since most of the hair he has left is on the back and the sides (we love to give him so much crap about it, too!) MC is a bit more detailed as he likes the back and sides shorter, but a little longer and shaped on top. Most of the time, I do pretty well on that. Every once it a while it looks a bit off, but he is so not into “style” of any kind, so he really doesn’t care. BG is the picky one. I’ve done a lightly highlighted ombre on her that turned out nice, but she has since decided that she wants as little done to her hair as possible. She keeps it really long (as in she nearly sits on it and is her kick to get a trim when she actually does) and I trim it probably once a year or so. Me on the other hand? I got and get my hair done (cut and color until my gray gets interesting instead of boring) every few months. I go way longer than recommended for either, but I cannot stand the feeling of spending money on something like that when my butt is at home most of the time. It takes me until it drives me up a wall and I cave to make an appointment. I used to color it on my own, but I can’t do the cutting part, so I just have someone do it all for me.

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    1. I avoid going to the salon too because I hate justifying the cost. But my person is really good, efficient, and quick, so I grin and bear it about once every 6 months or so. Ugh.

      Colour is too expensive on long hair and mine is fast growing, so it needs retouching every two weeks to cover the grays. That’s ridiculous. I am not rich. 😛

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  5. My partner still cuts all of the kids hair. She won’t do mine because it’s a bit thin on top and she’s terrified of leaving me with a bald patch.

    Interestingly, when the eldest boy turned 12, we offered him a trip to the barber to get a really decent haircut. He said no.

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    1. My kid’s hair is really thick. The barber does a much better job than I could…not that it’s noticeable, he wears helmets in all his sports so it’s always a little messy looking unless it’s buzzed off. 🙂

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      1. The boy’ hair often looks a bit scruffy and my partner would be the first to admit that all she is aiming for is ‘good enough.’ This is why we were both surprised when the boy turned down the opportunity of a professional haircut

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      1. I had a Polaroid picture that I loved on my refrigerator for years. One of them was sporting bangs trimmed by me and the other one (an adult when she said it) J looks cute even with that haircut you gave her. 😂😂

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  6. I wear my hair long-ish and it is curly/wavy and a very light brown – not sure you’d call it blonde. More and more grey but it is not as noticable as if my hair was a darker colour. I don’t colour it and do very little to style it. I do use some de-frizzing stuff when it is humid out. I really dislike going to a hairdresser (I get it cut about once a year) and have watched videos on youtube on how to cut your own hair but have not been brave enough to actually try it yet!
    My mom has always cut my son’s hair. He is 17 now but still happy with Gramma cutting it! I expect that will not last much longer but does not care all that much about how he looks. Which mostly I am happy about but sometimes causes me grief. Lol

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  7. Given up on hairdressers altogether at the moment. Too much fuss. I’m back with my hippie roots, in more ways than one. Grey? Yes. But let it come in. When it first started going grey at the front, people thought I’d been getting it bleached! No. All my own colour (and grey). Young people are dying their hair grey at the moment – here they are – or have been.

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      1. My left side of head – the hair on that side is completely different. If I was going to try to curl it (waste of time because it won’t stay in) the left side curls more easily than the right. It blow-dries more easily, also, if I’m going to do that. Grey? It started at the front, looked like blonde highlights so I was delighted, really, but it’s coming in all over now, I think. However, eyes more dim – there’s a poem about that but I can’t remember it – I see less detail such as grey. It’s not all bad, getting older!

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  8. My husband and I trade hair-cutting services. Neither of us is a professional, but we’ve managed to keep each other from looking too bad. It’s a distinct savings, and it’s intimate, in a funny kind of way. We learn, every time, and things keep improving. We’re at the point (after a couple of years) that nobody can tell we do it ourselves.

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  9. I was too nervous to cut my kids hair when they were little in case I made a mess of it. My mother-in-law is a hairdresser though so she did it when we saw her (about once a year) and my mum did it at other times. I did recently have a go at doing my husbands hair but I wouldn’t make a habit of it because people get narky with you if you mess up their hair 😆

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  10. Cut my kids hair all the time. Girls were simple because they wanted long, so trims were easy. Sometimes bangs on one of them as well. My son had a buzz cut for years and then without fanfare just started dealing with his own haircuts in high school.
    I actually just colored mine this morning!!! Been looking at the box for awhile and the increasing gray that comes back quicker each time. I wear a really basic blunt bob cut, sort of the horror story that kids tell of the bowl on the head sort of thing and for the most part can trim my own.
    I am extremely frugal 😉

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  11. I cut my daughters bangs as a kid, but felt it was well worth the money to take her to the salon where she got to sit in a toy car and watch Dora videos….I have a simple style that I use a brush blow dryer to do, but if weather is warm I let it dry naturally. I hav3 thin hair,so I keep it really simple. But I do religiously go to the waking every 8 weeks

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