Random weekend thoughts

Since our Friday excursion to the little Polish neigbhourhood of Toronto, my weekend has been relatively uneventful. It was just my girl and I, as the boys are not due home till Sunday night, so it’s been quieter than usual which I don’t mind at all.

There is something going around though that has me feeling a little under the weather. Partly, it’s because my back is experiencing spasms that have locked me up tight. Honestly, sleeping is what I want to do most, but I can’t seem to find a position that isn’t painful.

I get like this periodically, it has to do with my upper spine being curved slightly backwards…at least that’s what the X-Ray said.

Anyway, Robax, a pain and anti-inflammatory, has helped me sleep last night. I took more today to help me get through the endlessness that is laundry. With the boys away I also took it upon myself to clear out the kids’ closets of outgrown stuff (please tell me how to get teenage boys to slow down their growing, I can’t keep up!)…2 bags later, I am back on the couch with the laptop on my knees.

I have my tens system plugged in, with the patches attached to the tightest parts of my back, and the electrical pulses are doing their thing to help relax me.

Ugh. It’s not fun getting older. 🙂

I have a few posts I want to work on for next week. The continuation of Reaching out anyway part 1 and part 2 is in the works (where I tell you about the famous musician I went to school with), as well as a few thoughts that have popped into my head about a famous Bohemian/Austrian author names Rainer Maria Rilke whom I have been reading lately.

It was actually a blogger (the writer shed) who mentioned Rilke that had me look him up in the library app. I am very familiar with German literature, having studies German at University (and Swiss-German is my mother tongue), so when I came across that post, my interest was peaked. Surprisingly, we never touched on any of Rilke’s work in class (we spent a lot of time on Goethe, Thomas Mann, Herman Hesse, Schiller) but I’ve always wanted to read more from/about him. Sadly, I couldn’t get a hold of the German language copies, which I would have preferred to read, but the English translation is quite good so I have made some notes and will share those in a future post.

In the meantime, my tomato soup is almost ready to be pureed, so I will hit publish here and head back into the kitchen and laundry room, because those things, they never, ever end.

Happy Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Random weekend thoughts

  1. On an odd note I wanted tomato soup last week, and I was texting my daughter and said I thought I was too lazy to make my own. She replied you’re not going to be happy with the canned one, but I was lazy and bought canned, and she was right, I wasn’t happy….


    1. I just tried it on my lower back and don’t find it very pleasant in terms of how it feels in that location. Having said that, I use it on my shoulder/neck muscles and LOVE it. I love it so much I run it 3x (20 min each time) on days I need a lot of relief.

      My 12yo daughter who is quite athletic sometimes feels growing pains on her legs. She attaches it to her legs and swears by it too.

      There is an option to increase or decrease the pulses from 1 to 20 for comfort so it really is quite effective.


  2. So sorry to hear about your back. does a pillow under your knees help by any chance when you lay? I have a tens system but have not tried it yet . a friend gave it to me for the pain in my hip. Laundry never ends. well I hope the rest of your day is used to rest your back.

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    1. If I use any more pillows in my bed for every part of my body I will probably have to sleep on the floor. So. Many. Pillows. 🙂

      Yes, I use one under my legs when I’m on my back. But I prefer sleeping, or falling asleep, sideways so I take the pillow with me. 🙂

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