Go ahead, hit me with more

Warning. rant ahead.

This *hit me* is a stupid expression that has become politically incorrect in the social climes of today but I can’t think of a better way to say what’s on my mind.

Life happened. Again.


Sure I have time to deal with the acting up fridge again, I have nothing better to with my *life of leisure* today… (Not.)

Never buy a Samsung fridge.

Basically I have to unload it completely, and defrost it at least 24 hours to get rid of the ice buildup on the fan. It’s not the ice maker, we turned that off years ago. It’s the cooling system near the mother board. Don’t get me started…

Never buy Samsung fridges.

As a result the fridge makes a noise that sounds like an airplane engine.


So the timing of course is perfect because I just recently went to Costco this week. (Again. Not.)

You can’t see it in this picture but all the refrigerated stuff is underneath. Meat, dairy and some frozen items.

I was thinking, it’s been less than 6 weeks since the fridge acted up (the regular rotation it seems) so I should be good to get a big shopping done, save me some time while Snowmaggedon happens by not having to drive to groceries every 24 hours.

(For European readers, our fridge is about as big as a small, electric car.)

Never buy Sansung fridges.

In the USA there are class action lawsuits in progress against Samsung and its fridges…

In Canada they basically told us to f*ck off.

Anyway the two large camping coolers I use to stash food are in the shelter behind the garage. The shelter is a tent which we reinforced with a tarp to stop it from ripping more this past fall.

The garage is not really a garage for cars, it’s more like a shed. It would fit a small car but then where would the bikes go, or the tools and baseball equipment and other assorted junk?

We have a small fridge and freezer in that garage we use for backup (they used to be in our small and old-fashioned kitchen before we renovated).

Anyway none of this is the end of the world if you are dressed. I am not dressed currently.

I’m having coffee while the girl child is cleaning out her school lunch bag FROM YESTERDAY DON’T GET ME STARTED…so I relieved myself from lunch making duty.

Why is this still happening? She’s 12 for godsake…I even reminded her when I left with the teen for his haircut yesterday afternoon…twice. And again after dinner.

(She forgot, she cries…)



I can’t go dig out the coolers without getting dressed first. There’s fresh snow on top of old snow and I have to shovel the back porch first and make a path to the tent. For this clothes and boots might be handy not to mention they’ll protect me from hypothermia… 😬❄

I hope the tent is not collapsed, but go ahead, hit me. May as well have all the shit happen today.

So instead of dressing and going out to shovel at 7 am I planted myself on the couch with coffee to complain to the internet.

You’re welcome. It’s not my fault if you didn’t heed to my warning disclaimer above. 😉

Also I’m out of coffee if anyone wants to make me another cup. Strong, with just cream. Thanks. 😘

Anyway I should probably do something about the fridge before the men folk need a lift to a rink up by the airport. They’re heading to YUL for a hockey tournament with a coach bus. Six hours of travel with 17 teen boys… 😲

My partner said he packed noise-cancelling headphones. 😂

After they’re dropped off at their bus, I will likely run some errands on the way back home since I’m out anyway and stop for gas. I need the car again later as the girl has her parent teacher interviews tonight followed by a practice in the bubble, and we’re low on gas.

Looks like it’s going to be a long day…

So much for picking up my writing…this rant will have to suffice for today.


9 thoughts on “Go ahead, hit me with more

  1. Where was this post 3 years ago… WHEN I BOUGHT A SAMSUNG FRIDGE? Oh man, to steal a line from you, DON’T GET ME STARTED. The worst appliance that I have ever purchased. We also purchased an extended warranty which was almost as big of a joke. I say almost b/c after years of repair visit, fridge breakdown, repair visit, fridge breakdown and tons of back and forth with the warranty company we were reimbursed for that POS appliance. Ugh. NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG FRIDGE. Great post.

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  2. What? You have the frozen foods in the bottom? You bought them first? Why do you need a freezer? You are in Canada. I always though the term “Canada” was an old Choctaw Indian term for “Deep ass freezer”? Well, at least that is what us Floridians believe.

    Liked by 2 people

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