Reaching out anyway – part 2

To read part 1 click here.

After I sent that DM in Instagram to a former classmate, I walked away from my phone.

The memory I had of an event in grade 11 art class had triggered something in me to want to reach out to this man, a boy I once knew for many years in school and who is now a famous musician, singer and guitarist.

I was really curious: did he remember that class as vividly as I did?

A day or so after I sent the text, I noticed a notification pop up in Instragram.

Side note: I do chat occasionally with people in that app, although it’s not my primary choice for texting. Having said that, it’s not unusual to see a message pop up in there, but it’s also not a regular occurrence.

To be quite honest, I wasn’t holding out for a response. In fact, if anything, I figured if a response would come it would not be as quickly as within 24 hours. The man is famous, after all, touring and performing all over the world.

And conducting yoga classes.

So there I was, staring at my phone. The notification was tempting me. So, me being me with my phone and my apps, I went to investigate fairly quickly.

This is what I found:

Him: Hi! How are you?

Me: I’m good! I see you’re having the time of your life… 🙂

Him: Well, enjoying all that music and yoga has blessed me with. Glad you are well. 🙂

I was astonished at two things:

First, the fact that he responded himself meant that he did not employ a publicist. He is the creator of his own posts in Instragram.

Second, he responded to me.


It’s kind of interesting though. How did he know it was me, a girl he knew from childhood?

My name in Instragram is writerofwordsetc. The picture of my face is half cut off…it’s not like I’m recognizable there.

You don’t see my first name unless you click on the profile. Only when you do, if you do, that’s when you see my name. (edited to add: since this post went live, I’ve been hacked and I have removed my name.)

What this means is that he had to have clicked around to find out who was DM-ing him privately in that app.


He would have had to look through my posts to see if there were any selfies in there to verify who I was. There are some…

I may have changed a lot from my awkward high school days but I’m sure there are still similarities which would make me recognizable…

Which leads me back to my phone. He texted me back! How nice is that?

After texting a few pleasantries, I decided I may as well  ask him my question about that art class.

Which I did.

To be continued…

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