Funky stuff happening with my comments

Good morning…it is 7:30 am in Toronto, Canada, and I am obsessed with some a dysfunction on my blog.

The last three posts I had posted did not automatically have the comments activated.

I wondered what the heck was up with that…why why why? I love reading comments during my morning coffee. Especially when I write stupid, ranty stuff.

For instance, while I was at my daughter’s gymnastics (instead of grocery shopping as I had planned), during a slow part of her routine I wrote this post: Stupid things I have done I am not proud of

When I got home I didn’t have time to check whether anyone commented on my stupidity as there was this whole thing with my kid and a rash, and then this morning, I had a swollen eye (what ARE we allergic to?) so it wasn’t until a few moments ago when I noticed:

Complete and utter silence on the blog.

I thought I was losing my mojo.

So I investigated quickly, then wrote a little blurb from mobile which I posted. Tony was up and responded (sorry I already deleted the post but thank you ❤ so much for responding) and…it was working.


WHY wasn’t it working before?

Anyway. I think I fixed it now.

In terms of the other two posts that didn’t have comments activated, they’re on now. Unless they disappear again. Like on the grumpy post… and the daily morning routine of the NaNo writer. You know, thinking up great, important thoughts while still in bed and then not writing them down…

Anyway. Whatever.

Go have another coffee.

Internet and all its intricate little annoyances…



Good morning! I will not be writing (anything else) this morning – too many people will be home and there is very little food left, so I am off to shop for food lest we all starve to death.


15 thoughts on “Funky stuff happening with my comments

    1. Well the dialogue, the community aspect, is nice I think. It connects us all even if we are different, or live differently. I like the sharing of viewpoints, of commiserating together, of having each other’s backs…It’s…NICE. 🙂


  1. I thought you needed a break from comments…thought it was odd, but glad it’s fixed! One never knows with WordPress. I had issues where comments I made while on my phone didn’t show up….there’s probably a glitch somewhere

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