3 things that make me grumpy and 1 that doesn’t

I hurt my back last week somehow and have been unable to run. I’m grumpy about that because it was sorta kinda finally coming together…but it can’t be helped. I’m hoping by next week all is back to normal. 😐

Apparently elementary school teachers are threatening to go on strike. If this happens, by next Monday there may be a kid in my spot on the couch here. This makes me grumpy. If I had a She Shed (or an extra room) I could escape but alas…let’s hope the schools are open next week. I need my few hours of kid-free time before all the mayhem with the sports starts in the evenings…😬

Winter is arriving. Although today isn’t as cold or even wet, I can feel it in the atmosphere. Parts of Canada, and several States to the south of us (ha! how ironic!) already had snow, and it’s just a matter of time before we get it here, too. Probably in the form of sleet of freezing rain, not white, fluffy, attractive-looking snow…anyway this makes me grumpy. I was hoping for a sunny, dry and cool (not cold) fall to last right through November…😯

One day this week is ‘take your 9th grader to work day’. My son is in grade 9 and gets to accompany his dad to his part-time job at a Flying Club in a suburb of Toronto, about 25 minutes north of here. He is lucky it turned out this way as the full time job involves a classroom (his dad is a prof at a college and teaches in classrooms) and since my kid isn’t a huge fan of school in general, he lucked out that he can go to the Flying Club instead. There will be a ground briefing, a tour of the small airport, possibly a tour of a Cessna 172 (a small, single-engine plane), a visit to the dispatch room…and almost probably a lunch in a diner. He should have a great time, and I hope it makes an impression on him. None of this makes me grumpy.πŸ˜€

Now you know three things that make me grumpy, and one that doesn’t. πŸ˜‚

7 thoughts on “3 things that make me grumpy and 1 that doesn’t

  1. Don’t feel too badly. Our fall lasted all of three days. We’ve already had almost 10″ of snow for the season and it’s barely November. And yes, we’re south of you! (Or technically southwest. But still.)

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