Typical morning routine of a NaNoWriMo writer

Writing for National Novel Writing Month has had a bit of a rocky start. But, like many parents around the world, weekends belong to youth sports, so there’s that.

Still, since November 1, I have managed to churn out a small amount of the anticipated 50k total expected by the end of the month: alas, only about 2000 words so far. None of them for the memoir though – I’m working on a different story.

Also, this total does not include words I’ve typed here in this blog. Or in other apps, like texting (ok, ok, I’m getting desperate here…lol). The point, I think, is not to count every single word, the point is to make progress. Right?

In the meanwhile, I decided to share with you my morning routine which, incidentally, happened prior to the time change. As I review this previously typed post now, I have a kid dozing on the couch beside me at 6 am. Because her body clock says it’s 7 am which is the time she gets up to get ready for school.

Side note: Time change is stupid, ridiculous, and should be done away with forever and ever thank you very much. I certainly do not appreciate it being dark enough to simulate bedtime at 5 pm.

Rant over.

So, the writer’s morning routine. This is something that I went through a few days ago:

5 am: (wide awake in bed with ideas about my plot/storyline) Where’s my phone? I should open my mobile app and type out my ideas.

5:02 am: Will this disturb the sleeping man? Better not move around too much. (tries to sleep some more)

5:10 am: I have to pee.

5:13 am: Well I’m up may as well make coffee.

5:20 am: Coffee smells good, gonna start my laptop to get writing.

5:25 am: Waiting for updates.

5:30 am: Still waiting for updates.

5:35 am: May as well make another coffee while I wait for more updates.

5:40 am: Oh, labtop is restarting now, this is going to take a while. I guess I will jot down my ideas in my mobile app after all.

5:45 am: What was that plot idea I had when I was still in bed? Wish I could remember now.

5:46 am: Can’t remember anything. Should have stayed in bed and typed in mobile when my ideas were fresh.

6:00 am: (apps are finally loaded on the laptop, all signed in) I’m hungry now.

6:01 am: (glares at nearby bowl of Halloween candies) Those mini chocolate bars are distracting me.

6:02 am: (justifies) Technically, chocolate goes well with coffee, and nuts contain protein…could be a form of breakfast. Choices are Snickers , Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Crispy Crunch and Oh Henry…

6:03 am: Maybe I better not dig into the kids’ stash, they’ll have my head on a platter…

I’m just gonna have more coffee.

Blah. Don’t feel like getting up to make coffee…

6:05 am: Ok, fine, I’ll reread my two chapters I wrote yesterday to get my creative juices flowing…

6:08 am: Nothing is happening with my creative juices…

6:10 am: maybe I’ll watch the Weather Network for a while…(reaches for the tv remote, watches the rain forecast, dozes off)

6:30 am: Crap. They’re gonna be up in half an hour, I should write something…

Maybe I’ll check some blogs, see if I’m inspired.

6:35 am: Wow, lots of people have blogged recently about NaNoWriMo…

6:40 am: I wonder if anyone is around to text with? I’ll check my world clock. What time is it in Germany? Switzerland? The UK? Australia?

6:42 am: Better not text people, they’ll think I’m a lunatic.

7:00 am: I REMEMBER NOW WHAT MY PLOT WAS ABOUT! Better start typing…

7:05 am: (first kid shows up to have breakfast)


Guess writing has to wait until after they’re out of the house, have to make breakfast and pack lunches. See you in a couple of hours.

5 thoughts on “Typical morning routine of a NaNoWriMo writer

  1. When I did NaNoWriMo three years ago, I figured out I’d need to write something like 1,800+ words a day in order to reach the 50,000-word goal. That really put the pressure on, but in the end, you’re right: 50K is just an arbitrary number. The real goal is to keep writing, whether that’s 20 words a day or 2,000.

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