Random thoughts, and an idea

Yesterday, while carpooling to some obscure rink over an hour away, we passed a town called Bone Head. 😃

It was a heavy weekend of out of town games for the girl. I spend half my life in rinks, the other in cars it seems. The boy had hockey all weekend as well but he remained local. It never ends…and this is why our family life is basically Divide&Conquer.

This upcoming week is busy with a bunch of changes to the kids’ schedules, appointments and various other commitments. It’s also Halloween on Thursday which may be one of the last ones for our younger child to head out as a trick or treater.

She will probably meet up with her friends who have younger siblings, is my guess, and help chaperone the little ones. She loves Halloween and costumes and dress-up (and candy) so I know she’ll have a blast.

Not sure what the teenager will do – sit beside the candy bowl munching all the good chocolate bars, probably. I will have to don my witch hat and keep my broom nearby to swat him when he reaches for more. 🎃👻

I am due for my couch25k run this morning as well (I run every other day which has eased the shin splits) and I just hope the trails aren’t too squishy after yesterday’s rain.

There are a few interesting blog posts brewing in my head, incited by an inquisitive email by a friend. I may craft something together later this week. Something that will get all of our creative juices flowing.

Have a good start to your week!

Happy Monday. ☕