Momlife, youth sports, and the never-ending mess

Let’s play…where’s Waldo. Or, in this case, where’s the girl. 🙄

The spot she’s sitting at is my former writing spot. She uses it for art. I gave it to her on the condition she keeps it tidy and the table behind her clear.

I can’t see the girl in all her mess and clutter. Takes me a while to located her in the middle of it all.


WHY must she also use the dining table? Where we eat our meals?

I stopped talking. I gave up. I can’t…

So when it came to get dinner on the other night, I just left her mess. Placed her cutlery beside it. Let her figure it out.

All I hope though is the the PMS gods do not strike today.


Anyway. It’s Friday! I don’t think we have any activities tonight. Last night was late practices for both so a down night will be a good thing for us all.

This weekend is mostly out of town games plus a power skate so if you’re close to a rink in the GTA (General Toronto Area), pop in and say hi. I’ll be in one of several. 😂

Bring coffee. ☕ There’s probably a Tim Horton’s next door.

Also bring donuts. 🍩 I like sprinkles.


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