Struggles with compliments

It has never been easy for me to accept a compliment. Maybe because I always sort of expected that I didn’t really deserve them…

Having said that, I’m getting better at accepting and thanking someone for them.

Then, something happened that completely blew me away. But first, a little preamble:

I woke up in a bad mood today. Everything and everyone irritated and annoyed me. I would have loved to stay in bed, read, write out some fantasies, anything to keep me away from people, and especially family members. 🙄

Note: they didn’t do anything. I just found them annoying. 😉

But I couldn’t hide out all day. There was zero food in the house (thank you Samsung fridge needing defrosting again – never ever buy Samsung fridges) and both kids had rink time today, one up in Vaughan (40 min away) at lunch and the other locally, later, at 5 pm.

The man here was supposed to pack and leave for a week long getaway which also added to my annoyance because this means trips up and down the attic ladder, which we pull down from the bedroom ceiling, and a whole lot of crap everywhere. He’s going hunting up north so we’re talking winter/weather gear, sleeping bags, duffel bags, associated hunting accessories, knicknacks, stuff etc. Everywhere.

Add to that the girl child’s stuff: she too has a trip but doesn’t leave till Monday morning. Her trip is an outdoor one (but they sleep in cabins at night) and requires similar packing as her dad, albeit on a smaller scale.

For days she’s been hassling me to get down stuff from the attic.


I don’t do well with disorganization. You want to understand why I’m like this you can read this post. It may or may not explain things.


So having to take the teen to the rink for practice at noon ended up being a good thing just to get me away from the mess all over the house.

We drove in silence. I didn’t even listen to music.

When we got there, I dropped the boy in the dressing room, then went to Walmart to get part of my shopping done (which actually increased my irritation somewhat because I abhor Walmart). There was no other store nearby except for Ikea. I don’t think you can buy toilet paper and coffee cream at Ikea… 😛

Still, I got half my list completed and then, while waiting for the teen to emerge his odorous self after practice, I had lunch in the car.

Don’t even talk to me.


But wait, there is a happy(er) conclusion to all my drama.

We stopped at the Farm Boy grocery store back in our neighbourhood on the way home. While my teen and I stood in the checkout line, a little old lady approached us, gave us a good, long stare, and then said this to me:

You look like you could be his sister.

Omg. 😂

I mean, I’m three decades older than the boy… ❤

Sweet, wasn’t it?

Kinda improved my mood a little, if I say so myself.

Anyway I was going to stay off the blogs today in order not to annoy you with my drama, but here I am, sharing this little gem.

You’re welcome. 😄

20 thoughts on “Struggles with compliments

  1. That’s funny. ☺️ I used to feel VERY uncomfortable receiving compliments, to the point where I’d make the complimenter feel uncomfortable by saying ‘oh, no. That’s not true.’ Then one day some one stopped me at that point and said the most wonderful thing to me. They said, ‘all you need to do is say: thank you.’ Changed my whole life. From then on I smiled and said thank you, and the more I did that the easier it became to receive compliments. ☺️❤️

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  2. What a wonderful story! I tend to find myself not being brave enough to volunteer things that will cheer people up – and these days the whole “me too” thing has pretty much made every communication with strangers a complete and utter minefield. Urgh…

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