Running away from the couch

You know how everyone, their grandmother and their dog is into fitness these days?

I got sucked into the same thing, partly because of MiddleAgedWarrior.

Except…it’s not a gym I’m going to. You need more than two dimes to rub together to make that happen and since I have none, not an option. Besides, gyms are boring. Boo.

A few weeks back, before my partner got sick, he was put on a program by his physiotherapist that mimics the couch-2-5km plan. It involves running and walking at specific intervals.

He asked me if I was interested in joining the program.

Initially I said no. Main reason? I am a morning person and he is not. He exercises at night whereas I prefer to do all most of my active activity prior to it getting dark. Besides, most evenings belong to youth sports…

Exercising at night is probably not going to inspire me to keep at it. I know this about myself…

But his plan, the running thing, slowly sorta-kinda grew on me a little.

Except, I’m not really a runner. Never did like it much before…

Then other people started talking about running. Bloggers blog about it, a few moms in the ‘hood are preparing for marathons, even my 12yo daughter runs. She just completed the second 3km race through the school cross-country team. πŸ™‚

Everywhere I look there’s someone running.

So I thought, I may as well join in on the torture fun.

Now is the prefect time to start since the weather is still pleasant enough, and we just came out of a string of birthdays and Thanksgiving which always involves a lot of eating. Too much eating.

First step I took was load an app. It’s called the 5K Run app. I did this on Wednesday.

I can prove it:

There it is, next to my Google Fit app, which used to track my steps when I did my dog walking. And next to that is my Clue app which tracks my cycle.

All the pertinent data in one place. πŸ™‚

So then, I looked at the inside of the 5K Run app. This is what it said:

Doesn’t look too earth-shatteringly difficult now, does it?

Thing is, as I said before, I’m not really a keen runner. Never have been. But I’m kind of stumped here on what to do because after all the feasting in the past two weeks or so I actually feel kind of out of sorts. And given I’m not exactly a spring chicken, I need to do something to keep the weight from weighing me down, so to speak.

The bike trails I frequent are perfectly acceptable running trails too, and if I don’t want to run on those, I can power-walk on those, and if not, there are paved trails, and sidewalks through the neighbourhood, and other parks…

There is no excuse.

I was going to start on Thursday. I had my app, I have my running shoes…

I didn’t start on Thursday. πŸ™„

I allowed myself one day for excuses. I had a bunch ready: the weather was crap, it was cold and wet, there were too many arguments with teenagers that day, I was hungry/tired/bloated/uncomfortable/would rather take a nap…

I started on Friday. Here’s proof:

My Friday morning went something like this:

Because of the Thursday arguments where I ranted about lunch bags and thermoses not washed and ready for me to fill on Friday morning, I had empty lunch bags and clean thermoses to fill on Friday morning. This avoided yet another argument and mad dash to get all their shit together so they could get out of my hair. I was completely present for my little maniacs treasures in order to get them out and off to school on time, which included a wave at the door for both (yes, even the argumentative one waved to me ❀ ). Then, finally, they were gone and I donned my running shoes, a hoodie (it was cold, but not rainy), and left.

I learned 3 things right from the get go:

First, following the app exactly is not crucial. The point was to get started. I did do the warm-up in the form of a power walk up to the park near the apple orchard, and then I ran around the apple orchard in the designated times indicated (60 seconds running, 90 seconds walking for 6 intervals). It wasn’t hard, nor perfect, but I managed more or less. I just counted to 60 or 90 in my head. πŸ™‚

Second, I realized that the apple orchard, although lovely at this time of year, is too busy. There’s a road that intersects the park (the orchard is small, maybe about 20 trees) which was full of cars driving toward the college parking lot at the south end of the park. Distracting. And, there were a lot of dog walkers out and about as well. The looks the dogs gave me was more distracting than the look from the old men who were walking their mutts. One overweight Rottie in particular kept staring at me. Her owner, an equally overweight older man, was far ahead near a coffee shop but she just sat and stared at me as I ran past her. Maybe she wanted to run with me. πŸ˜›

Third, and most importantly:

Next time, the second cup of coffee will have to wait until after I return from the run.

πŸ™ƒ β˜• 😢

So we’ll see. I hope to keep it up. My first run was not hard, but over the course of the week(s) it will get longer, and harder, I suspect.

Tell me, what’s are you doing through the winter months to stay fit?


23 thoughts on “Running away from the couch

  1. I’ve allowed stress to prevent me from exercising this winter (which, I know, is all the more reason I need to get back at it) but I plan on getting myself back on a routine with elliptical gliding a few times a week starting tomorrow or Monday.


  2. I fall in and out of love with my gym every few weeks. Brilliant excuses … I’m running out of … work hours, commute, tired, hungry, lazy, etc. One thing I am committed to is sensible eating consistently during the week. Weekends I indulge as I like. Rationale: if I can’t exercise regularly, at least I’ll control the amount of shit I jam into my mouth. Determined to stave off Winter Weight this year.

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    1. Yeah…my diet is probably on par with Whole/Paleo/low carb, little sugar, almost no fast food or artifical most of the time…but it all falls apart during PMS which lasts typically a week. I forgive myself during that week because fighting it made me miserable.

      The weekend indulging is also something I practice – wine, or if it’s heavy on youth sports away games, bought food which may or may not include sprinkled covered donuts at Tims. πŸ˜‡

      Do you know how many Tims are strategically located near rinks in the GTA?? 😜

      The running is more an attempt to increase fitness…sigh.

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      1. If you get fully bored with running … and, if snow and the frigid temps kibosh your enthusiasm in the winter – consider plyometrics training at home.

        It’s a lot like grade 9 Phys Ed class, but without the high socks and way-out-of-shape Gym teacher yakking out orders in between pulls on his/her Export A’s.

        Freeletics is a good free App that I used a couple winters ago. 15-20 minutes. All good.

        Sounds like your diet is spot on. Keep it going.

        I hear you. I’m all Timmied out. For life.

        This helps me: I’ve also banned the Flagrant Noshers and Habitual Grazing at the office from bringing in crap during the holidays, which also does nothing for my waning popularity. They’ll thank me in the Spring.

        Also, wine helps.

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  3. Great post!!!
    I don’t care much for the gym so I’m all about home-based programs. Last winter I did a few rounds of the LIIFT4 program which combines weight lifting with some interval training. The best part is, it is 4 days a week for 30 minutes per session. I plan on starting that again in January.

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  4. I first need to say that I love this post for many reasons but I’ll point out two. I love the crossed out p/replaced words! πŸ˜‚ I also love the honesty about how difficult it is to start and keep up with fitness.
    I actually love going to the gym but only for classes. I usually go to dance classes and occasionally yoga. For me, the problem is getting there. Not the motivation, but the logistics with construction and road closures mean I have to give myself 45-60 minutes to make what should be a 30 minute drive. Each way. I also hike but that weather dependent. I just woke up to snow which I didn’t know was coming.

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    1. Yeah…I decided to leave the words I typed in passion and just cross them out. 😜

      I understand your dilemma. That would detract me too. You want to work out for an hour but the entire trip takes 3 hours…it’s not practical.

      Walking and hiking when possible is never a waste though. πŸ™‚

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  5. It’s awhile since I trained to do 10Ks and really enjoyed those days. I also have lost my partner in swimming so am out of practice there also.
    These days I walk or bike ride but not hard enough to call it training.

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  6. Running and my arthritic knees do not mix so it’s walking for me. We have constant rain right now so I have to force myself out, but I feel so good within just a few minutes of hitting the sidewalks.
    I get that gym issue. We have a YMCA just 5 minutes away and I would love access to their pool. Even though I think I hit the age to qualify for some discounts although not the 100+ joining fee, monthly membership fees are more than I want to try to handle 😦

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  7. I have never, ever been a runner. I’d be good if I could get to a point where I could start riding my bike again, but it would take a lot to rebuild all those muscles to the point where I didn’t feel like dying in a tiny little incline. I really do wish some days, that I wasn’t so lazy. I really admire it when people can manage the motivation I can’t seem to find. I’ll sit over here and cheer you on.

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    1. Bah. I managed 12 minutes today. I did better yesterday with the full 25. But the point is, 12 minutes is better than zero minutes…. Walking is also better than not walking.

      I completely get where you’re coming from thought, it took me years to make it to THIS point. πŸ™‚

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      1. Several years ago, I somehow found the motivation and energy to do more than I had in years. I lost a lot of weight and felt really healthy (making much better food choices). I did a decent job of maintaining that for a few years, but it just got to be too much and I stopped. I haven’t been able to find that motivation again. I haven’t done horrible in gaining all the weight back, definitely some, but not all. I always do better in the summer when I can get in the pool (and is what got me motivated the first time), but even that hasn’t been what I’ve needed the last couple of years.

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