In the bubble

So last night I took my daughter to a bubble. This bubble:

The inside looks like this:

New Thursday night practices for the girl child are at this rink aka bubble. (Don’t ask me…I’ve never experienced this in ten years of hockey…)

Practice runs from 8 to 9 pm. At least it’s relatively close…15-minute drive from home.

I didn’t stay in the bubble to watch, there’s no place to sit.

Instead I hung out here in the entrance way:

Shoulda worn my new boots to stare at but then I would have looked misplaced here. Like a flight attendant or something… šŸ˜‚

I know you’re jealous of my exciting night life! Go ahead and admit it. šŸ˜œ

21 thoughts on “In the bubble

  1. Ok so I grew up in a sub tropical climate. In Brisbane when the temperature drops below 20 we all panic and reach for the cardigans. I honestly don’t own a full length coat and I have one thickish coat I wear about once a year.

    I can’t comprehend spending any amount of time in that cold outdoors,

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  2. Iā€™d managed to avoid Bubble-covered fields and rinks for most of my sporting parenthood until several years back my sons practiced football (offseason in winter) in one of these suburban domes. Wonderful memories: 1) Really horrible hot chocolate. 2) Equally disgruntled parents sardined into a cramped waiting area. 3) It was warmer freezing outside.

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    1. Not looking forward to the -30 degree weather coming to Toronto in the forseeable future. Sad thing is, can’t run errands nearby like with the other rink. The bubble is in the middle of nothing but residential houses.


      1. I know it. I work in Mississauga. Live in Vaughan (Yawn). Brutal commute – 400+407/401+427. Snow days are the best, right? The GTA needs to shut down and re-open as something else. Smaller, less congested would nice.

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      2. LOL. Its easy to spot me in Vaughan. I’m one of the few who doesn’t run stop signs in school zones. Where Gucci to Fortinos. Or, scribble on my eyebrows in traffic. Blue sedan. Big hair for a guy. I’ll wave.

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  3. At least you didn’t have to sit in your car for that hour! I’m not looking forward to it getting cold here for that reason alone. 3 hours a week in a car outside really isn’t going to be fun. This is a really cool concept, though!

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    1. I sit in my car at the boy’s rink on Tues nights because the benches are so uncomfortable and he’s there for 2 hours and there’s nothing round. Well, a Walmart (ick) and an Ikea which closes at 9 pm. He starts at 830…

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    1. It looks like an existing outdoor rink they converted into a bubble. This gives them more access to rinks that would otherwise not be ready till it’s consistently cold enough, like late Nov or Dec. Is my guess.

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