How to understand women*

*or women like me. 😜

Scene 1

Her: I feel fat.

Him: You’re not fat.

Her: walks away thinking ‘I know I’m not fat but I feel fat and bloated and unattractive and miserable‘. Continues to feel fat and bloated and unattractive and miserable but now also feels dissatisfied.

Scene 2

Her: I feel fat.

Him: I love your curves…

Her: Aw, thanks!

Walks away thinking ‘how unfeminist of me to feel better because he said that to me‘…

PS. I’m not normal… ❗😉

9 thoughts on “How to understand women*

  1. From this guy’s perspective: Was he wrong for 1) Stating a fact – being supportive, reassuring … and 2) Expressing his feelings … “Loving Curves” isn’t a thought crime, yet 🙂 Also, good guys just want to say nice things to the women they care about when they truly mean them. And, maybe, he should’ve just shut his mouth and nodded.

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    1. Boy oh boy. 😄

      I think stating a fact at such a time is misplaced. For instance, although I don’t say it out loud knowing full well that men think it’s a trap, I sometimes think it. I’m not overweight exactly but probably should weigh maybe 10, 15 or so pounds less…I know I would feel better. When I feel that way I also feel sorry for myself. Would be nice to hear a comment other than a factual statement at times like that.

      For him to say ‘you’re not fat’ doesn’t do anything for her immediate state of mind. She’s asking for acceptance despite of how she *feels*…


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