Long weekend cycling

Today, my daughter and I cycled for about 8 km just for fun. 🙂

There are many bike trails in my neighbourhood going both east and west along the shores of Lake Ontario. Usually I cycle in the park just west of our house which includes both paved and dirt paths, but there are other, more varied trails going east toward the downtown core.

My girl and I wanted to go a little further than usual, so we cycled up to the Lake Shore Blvd, and used the new bike lanes along the side of the street, built especially for the cycling community around here.

I really like the new bike lanes as they are protected from the speeding cars by cement barriers. They even painted them in funky colours to make them stand out. The bike lanes are two way and marked clearly by big white arrows, so as long as all cyclists obey the signs, everyone is safe.

It was windy. But, there are no hills to navigate so it was not particularly strenuous. The wind may have messed up our hair underneath our helmets, but it didn’t hinder our progress. We made it all the way to the other, much larger marina, over by Humber Bay.

We got to the marina and sat on a bench and fooled around with selfies.

The girl child had even packed a bottle of water which she shared with me. 🙂 She had on a little Rucksack while I just used a fanny pack for my phone and the house key, which wasn’t big enough for a water bottle.

We biked back after taking in some sights around the area. It really was the perfect day again. Sun in a brilliant blue sky, not too many people about (it was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, most of our part of the city left town it seemed), and the wind was pleasant, not cold.

We all know it won’t last, this gorgeous weather.

I wanted to explore a bit more, maybe cycle into the smaller trails past the marina, but we had to get back. The hockey boys were due to return from practice, and my parents were coming over with food and presents for us birthday girls.

Later, after stuffing ourselves with smoked salmon and roasted turkey breast and ham and mashed potatoes and salad, and then cake and other desserts, and wine…we ended the visit by showing my parents the opossum carcass on our neighbour’s driveway, wondering how or why it died there.

(Note to self: get that poor thing bagged tomorrow).

It was still beautiful and warm out after my parents left. The soft glow of the descending sun coloured the sky in all sorts of pink and orange light, so my girl and I went for a walk into the park again.

Sunday ended with a bath…and Monday is a holiday. 🙂

Perhaps I can convince the hockey boy to join me on a bike trip tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Long weekend cycling

  1. Looks amazing! I used to love biking, but I cannot seem to force myself to put in the work to make it fun again (leg muscles apparently get weak when you don’t use them enough, in case you weren’t aware of this fact).

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