The real reason why writing doesn’t happen

It was a PA day today, no school, so I didn’t have to make breakfast or lunches for the kids. As expected, both slept in which meant I had an extra quiet morning for writing.

I wrote a blog post I think you will enjoy. But I thought it was a bit long and a bit wordy and figured later, after I do some things in the garden, I’ll come back and finish it. I intended on publishing it by Friday evening.

It is now late afternoon and I just spent 42 minutes waiting for my laptop to load. To wake up. To DO SOMETHING.


I am beyond frustrated and in no mood to continue my piece from this morning now. Because…#Windows and #Microsoft are making me crazy.

Yes, I could have taken the macbook from the girl child but she’s not feeling well and using it for her art viewing so…


After it finally loaded, Firefox (the browser I like best) was having trouble and it suggested I refresh some add-ons (whatever that means). So I clicked the button and 90 seconds later it was ready.

Which is when I wrote this, instead of the other thing.


It’s a long weekend here and I hope to have some time to get my writing brain back. I think I will…the kids are quiet and occupied, and there’s enough leftovers to feed a small army so no one needs to bug me.

Happy weekend! Enjoy your Friday evening. #wine 🍷

14 thoughts on “The real reason why writing doesn’t happen

  1. My laptop drives me crazy. Updates and load times and just plain finickiness! My husband thinks I’m nuts for doing all of my blogging on my iPhone, but it’s just so much quicker.

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  2. Yeah – I got hit by Windows updates yesterday. Not fun. I re-installed my old laptop some time ago with Linux, and haven’t looked back – it’s so fast compared to Windows it’s ridiculous.

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      1. If the hard drive on the windows machine is big enough, Linux can “partition” it, and have Windows and Linux on there together – they you can choose at boot-up which to use. I can write up some instructions if you want πŸ™‚

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