The real reason why writing doesn’t happen

It was a PA day today, no school, so I didn’t have to make breakfast or lunches for the kids. As expected, both slept in which meant I had an extra quiet morning for writing.

I wrote a blog post I think you will enjoy. But I thought it was a bit long and a bit wordy and figured later, after I do some things in the garden, I’ll come back and finish it. I intended on publishing it by Friday evening.

It is now late afternoon and I just spent 42 minutes waiting for my laptop to load. To wake up. To DO SOMETHING.


I am beyond frustrated and in no mood to continue my piece from this morning now. Because…#Windows and #Microsoft are making me crazy.

Yes, I could have taken the macbook from the girl child but she’s not feeling well and using it for her art viewing so…


After it finally loaded, Firefox (the browser I like best) was having trouble and it suggested I refresh some add-ons (whatever that means). So I clicked the button and 90 seconds later it was ready.

Which is when I wrote this, instead of the other thing.


It’s a long weekend here and I hope to have some time to get my writing brain back. I think I will…the kids are quiet and occupied, and there’s enough leftovers to feed a small army so no one needs to bug me.

Happy weekend! Enjoy your Friday evening. #wine 🍷

14 Replies to “The real reason why writing doesn’t happen”

  1. Yeah – I got hit by Windows updates yesterday. Not fun. I re-installed my old laptop some time ago with Linux, and haven’t looked back – it’s so fast compared to Windows it’s ridiculous.

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      1. If the hard drive on the windows machine is big enough, Linux can “partition” it, and have Windows and Linux on there together – they you can choose at boot-up which to use. I can write up some instructions if you want πŸ™‚

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