The lonely cyclist

Yesterday two noteworthy things happened:

My mom dropped by for a visit with all kinds of food and treats, and then I went for a bike ride. ❤

First, we had a lovely coffee visit with mom. 🙂

After she departed, I really should have taken the opportunity to complete two projects I’ve been working on. But other distractions interfered with my concentration, like my partner sniffling and coughing with a head cold all around me. So working and writing didn’t happen. Instead, I cooked soup for him and figured I’ll write and edit when he heads to work later.

One of these days I’m going to get myself a She Shed. Then I can escape! 😜

He left for work in the early afternoon, leaving me once again alone in the house for a couple of hours. Just the thing I needed in order to write, or edit…

But I couldn’t concentrate.

I kept looking outside.

The weather was perfect: bright blue skies, brilliant sun, a slight breeze off the sparkling lake to keep the temperatures comfortable…

We all know this won’t last much longer. This is Canada, after all. 🇨🇦

So I decided to go for a bike ride. 🚴

We live next to Lake Ontario and there are plenty of bike trails in the area. I chose the dirt path over the asphalt one because it was empty: no strollers, to wayward toddlers, no loose dogs dashing into my path, only the odd lone runner seemed to be enjoying the lakeside scenery.

Most of the park was relatively empty. There were a few seniors, and an argumentative Polish couple passed by me at one point, but for the most part, there weren’t many people around. The college kids who tend to come down here to have lunch must have been in afternoon classes, and even the dog walkers weren’t out and about – dogs typically get walked at lunch time.

It was going on 2 pm.

I noticed I was the only cyclist though which was a little weird. Normally there are bike clubs and other, more athletic cyclists than me, that frequent the bike trails around here…

So I was pretty much alone for the entire time I was out.

But was I really lonely? I struggled with the title of this post…

The outdoor solitude was a welcoming change for introverted me, frankly. Usually, I want solitude indoors, which is tricky with my noisy family. But earlier, I felt like a caged animal and since the weather was so nice I figured, why not head outside and soak up the Vitamin D.

Here’s a little clip I took just before the argumentative couple arrived. 😮

After taping that, I rode over to the marina. I was surprised to see the boats still in the harbour. I assume they will be crane-lifted out of the water over the next couple of weeks, in preparation for winter weather.

I wasn’t out long, maybe 50 minutes total counting the times I stopped to snap a few photos.

When I got home I had tea, watched the last 15 minutes of some soap opera wedding implode on TV, and planned the rest of my afternoon and evening activities.

Tuesdays are always tricky as I’m the only adult with a driver’s license around. Both kids have activities at the same time in different locations. I had to drop one kid off at gymnastics before trekking up to Vaughan, 30 minutes away, to drop the other kid at a rink for practice. That’s the long practice too, which doesn’t end till 10 pm. 😴

But I was glad to have tanked up some sunshine during the day. Nothing like a perfect fall day to reminisce about while waiting for the odorous teen boy to re-emerge after hockey practice. 🙃

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