All about (my) boots

Yesterday I dropped off my beloved boots at the donation center.

These boots.

Honestly, they’re not that comfortable. The heel doesn’t bother me, but they’re too pointy at the front.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. The last time I dressed up in these boots was years ago when we went to a silent auction fundraiser thing for hockey. I believe I may have even worn that dress, too…

Still. Boo.

But I kept the dress (as is partially evident in this picture). It has some leather accents which may sound a little naughty but the dress is quite classy, which is why I bought it back then.

I’m going to keep the dress. I discovered it up in the attic this past weekend when I was digging out winter jackets and immediately tried it on.

It fits and I ❤ it.

So. Be prepared for a boot shopping report at some point. Even if I have nowhere to go (besides the rink 😃) I still like to think that maybe, at some point, there is going to be a social activity in my future.

You know, when we have time, and money. 😉

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