Killing the blog

Yesterday and all this week so far has been crap.

If one more thing happens I will lose my mind. Again.

My Pity Party in full progress.

So last night, in utter desperation and with no one to cry to, I emailed a friend from the parking lot at a rink at 10 o’clock at night that I was thinking of quitting blogging.

This morning he responded with:

Don’t kill your blog!

So basically, it’s his fault that this post is Pointless Stupidity. πŸ™‚

Anyway you wanna know about all my issues?

Disclaimer: it’s a lot of whining and complaining, so feel free to exit now.

Let’s see, where to start…?

The dryer had been broken since March or something. The dryer got fixed yesterday. I threw in the first load of towels since March (I washed them since then, just didn’t tumble dry them, had to hang them up outside).

The dryer worked fine.

This morning I did another load and since it’s raining put the stuff in the dryer.

It doesn’t work anymore.

Apparently the fuse burnt again so the guy said it’s the motherboard. Which will cost as much as it would to replace the dryer.

We can’t afford a new dryer. Or a used dryer. Or any dryer.

My dog walking is canceled until further. The one human ended his contract job and is now home looking for more work so they don’t need me to walk the pooch anymore. Until he gets work, that is, at which point they would like me to return.

This sucks. Not only for my daily mental break and the exercise, not to mention the joy I get out of walking little Mr. Entertainment, but for the cash, too.

Gonna have to explain to my teenager that the food budget has been cut in half. Boo.

The mason who said he’ll fix our crumbling wall at the back of the house (two window sills and a door frame) before the icky/cold/wet winter weather arrives was due to work it on it yesterday and today.

It rained yesterday. It’s raining today. Because of course it is. So no work and the brick keeps crumbling.

There is a tent-like shelter we bought a number of years ago with heavy duty tarp covering it, that we used during our renovations. After the renos were done, we kept it, moved it to the back of the lot, and stored odds and ends in it (mostly outdoor stuff like certain gardening equipment, empty bins, a few outgrown toys the kids won’t part with, etc).

The ceiling ripped slightly in places about a year ago so we reinforced it with two tarps, the type you get for camping.

I noticed yesterday that the top of the two tarps is shredded to bits. And the inside of the shelter has a huge rip in it.

We need it, we can’t not have something to cover all the shit back there (including the lawn mower) so today I had to go spend money we don’t have on an extra durable tarp and extra strong Gorilla tape. Let’s hope this will help make it last through winter. UGH.

Of course today is not the day to fix the shelter because it’s pissing rain.


While ALL this was going on our wonderful ridiculous f*cking SAMSUNG fridge started making its noise again indicating ice clumps on the fan needing an immediate defrost. (Which is a temporary fix, but cheaper than buying a new fridge. So we defrost the damn thing every 6 weeks or less.)

Never buy Samsung Fridges. There are class action suits against Samsung in the USA (but the Canadian arm of Samsung doesn’t give a shit.)

This means coolers in the house (because the porch was supposed to be occupied by the mason fixing the crumbling brick), and crap everywhere.

If you read here even semi-regularly you know that I get frustrated at the clutter, mess and disorganization.

My house is a cluttered, messy, disorganized dump at the moment and I’m at my wits end. #FirstWorldProblems

All of this whining of course gets topped with the icing on the cake:


My contest writing is incomplete.

My research for querying in not happening.

My mental state is borderline depressive.

I ate pastries and chocolate pudding and too many carbs because the healthy food is in the garage fridge which means walking through wet grass to get to the garage and I’m a delicate flower so that ain’t happening which means more pastries for me which just makes me feel worse. (Awesome sentence. Good thing I’m not querying to pitch my words.)

And then, I told the husband here that I would not complain if some fast food fries and burgers made themselves magically appear in front of me for lunch upon returning from my final dog walk.

His eyes lit up. Wanted to know where the coupons are. I told him I gave them to him. He and the kids love any sort of junk, so they’re the coupon holders. I rarely eat that crap.

He must have found them because I’m gorging on Wendy’s fries and burger while typing this drivel. For the record, the fries box has the word QUALITY on it.

Ick. But it hit the spot. πŸ˜›

I’m my own worst enemy.

Please don’t send thoughts and prayers, I’m not in the mood.

So there you go. Aren’t you happy I haven’t quit blogging?

Which doesn’t mean I’m not going to take a break. I might stop, for a while. No one wants to read this negativity. People have their own stuff, more serious stuff, real stuff going on in life.

But until I can turn things around I may take a bit of a break. We’ll see.

39 thoughts on “Killing the blog

  1. Don’t stop blogging! We do not care if it’s negative keep writing . Sometimes the best writing will come out of it. And it’s good for you to let it out. Been there so many times . But remember you have do overs . Stay strong!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m alive and reading, usually while stuck at a rink. πŸ™‚ Thank you. I just don’t have time or the mental capacity right now. I’m sure it’ll come back. (And yes, I’m typing this at a rink.πŸ˜‰)

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  2. Thoughts and prayers my ass. Quite whining. Just kidding. πŸ™‚ All that stuff is just stuff. You got to talk to your kids today. Some mom’s didn’t. You got to talk to your husband today. Some wive’s didn’t. You freaking survived a Wendy’s burger and fires without keeling over with a cholesterol induced heart attack. Does your washer work? Wash your clothes, then take them to a laundromat to dry. Cheap, fast and easy. Fire the contractor and find one that is hungrier. Stake down the tarp as you will not need anything under it for 8 months. Nearly every problem you mentioned has an easy solution. Save your worries for the ones that do not.

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  3. Everyone needs a good rant and some chocolate (or whatever feel good food of choice) every once in a while. Feel free to rant away. I’ll be over here with the chocolate to show my support.

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  4. You should let your friend know that we are all very thankful to him for keeping your blog alive.

    We have a Samsung dryer, as it happens. It has these weird touch sensitive buttons which have a habit of sticking, and when two of the buttons stick it activates the child lock so the machine refuses to start.

    The only solution we have found is to pull the whole thing out, unplug it, cross our fingers and plug it back in.

    The thing about the child lock is that, when it works, it’s so simple a child could operate it.


      1. When I get home I’m gonna send you a funny piece on this topic by a Canadian IT dude. πŸ˜‰

        You coders are killing me! πŸ˜„ There’s 4 of you now following this blog…lol

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  5. Perhaps writing what you feel is healing?
    We’ve all been in a place where the words were mostly whines and complaints, but those might be the most important words to rid yourself of!
    I know you don’t want thoughts and prayers, but how about a bit of, We got you, girl! …?
    I encourage you to keep writing, work through the whining instead of having no place to put it.
    My heart is hugging yours.

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  6. As you request, no thoughts or prayer, but I hope you find some peace. Take a break if you need it. I find this time of year particularly gloomy, especially with all this rain.

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  7. Welcome to the shit show πŸ™‚ Our house a similar horror show of broken things that we can’t afford to fix. We recently had to replace the fridge, and hit zero in the bank AGAIN. We haven’t had a dryer for 18 months. We have had no satellite TV for the last year, because we can’t afford to fix that either.

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  8. Sorry you are having all this bad luck. One thought though about the ice machine that may save you defrosting it all the time. Use a hair dryer to melt the ice clumps – this is what my dad had to do every so often.


    1. It’s not the ice machine although it was a problem too. We fixed that part by not using it at all. It’s turned off and has been for years.

      It’s the fan behind, the one that cools the actual fridge.

      But thank you for commenting. The ice machine thing is a common problem with all fridges from what I’m hearing and reading, not just Samsung. πŸ™‚


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