Addressing all GenXers:

I want to know what you wore when you were in highschool during the 80s. (This is for research purposes for a piece I’m writing.)

I don’t need a complicated recount of every single item you wore, I just want to know what the usual thing was that you had on for an every day sort of school day.

Boys and girls.

Here’s mine:

I lived in a middle class neighbourhood during my teen years in the 1980s but we were really more of a lower middle class family. Much lower…we only had our first car when I was 17, whereas I had a girl friend who had her own car at 16.

My typical daily wear was jeans usually. But not the expensive Jordache‘s that the preppy kids wore.

We did eventually get Nike tennis shoes, all the rage in my area at one point, as was anything with the adidas brand. (The three stripes on the runners was the it thing.)

But most of my stuff came from places like Woolco, or Kmart, the lower end big box department stores. Sometimes from the Bay where my mom worked (Hudson’s Bay Company).

The in-crowd (to my experience) was preppy. I was not an in-crowd person. 🙂 We didn’t have the money for the preppy clothing or the high-maintenance, big-hair styles requiring massive amounts of hairspray (and regular hair salon visits).

My own hair was long and getting longer as I tried to grow out the ever-popular feathered look which just didn’t suit me. I hid behind my hair it as much as possible, but I was still bullied for it by Janet and Lisa. Horrible girls.

So, I wore jeans of the non-popular brand type, and some sort of nondescript top, either a tshirt or a long shirt. Something plain, not blouses (I hate anything with complicated buttons or zippers). Certainly nothing with shoulder pads (which I usually took out if they were in my article of clothing).

I wore running shoes (I think), maybe penny loafers (can’t remember). Certainly nothing stylish or expensive.

What did you wear during a regular, daily basis in your 1980s high school days?

Aside note: Please tell me what country you lived in at the the time as well. Would be interesting to see the regional differences…