Here we go again: the job search is back on

The other day we did something fun about teeth brushing. Click here to see that post.

If you guessed number 1 for my teeth brushing habit,  you guessed right. Quite a few of you do it the same way! But some of you do it differently and I’m sorry to say, you’re weird. 🙃

In other news, I wrote and deleted two blog posts for today. Boo. They were too long, too wordy, too inconsequential, too stupid.

I gotta get a job. Out of the house. Because I can’t find enough time to make this writing a go – no space to call my own, not enough quiet time, or respect for my stuff or space, no place to get away from the noise and clutter, and a million other excuses.  If I want to make money at writing I need time and space. I guess I could camp out in the garage but it’s not insulated and shortly, it’ll be too cold for that. So boo again.

If you can afford to build me a She Shed, or if you want to share your lottery win with me…


Tomorrow I will continue my contest writing during my office hours and spend the remaining time looking for a job. Then I’ll walk the dog (for money) and subsequently go grocery shopping (because we’re out of food again).

It. Never. Ends.


13 thoughts on “Here we go again: the job search is back on

  1. In the end, does not matter how you brush, just that you are brushing. To finish up, I actually brush with Citrus Listerine mouthwash. Not just swish it around in my mouth, actually brush with a mouthful of it. Invigorating.

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  2. It really isn’t easy. You would think that if you are at home while everyone is at work or school there would be ample time to get things done. This is a conversation I’ve had with Hubby over the years and it wasn’t until he started taking days here and there while the kids were at school that he understood how little time there was for non-house type stuff.

    I hope you can find a way to work your writing in!

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      1. This is one of those things that can be a point of irritation for me. The expectation that I do all the calling for appointments, all the laundry and cooking and cleaning and whatever the kids may need. Years ago, we worked out a balance that we both agreed on, but sometimes we each need something different. I’m not exactly in a position where I can work outside the house. Even if I did, I wouldn’t ever even come close to making what he does, so it is pointless to even discuss, but I can see the times where he really chafes at those roles. There are times where I feel like I can’t contribute in a way to make that easier on him. It can be incredibly frustrating.

        Don’t get me started on other people and their attitudes towards being a SAHM and the expectations of what I could or should do.

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      2. That’s my thing too. I gotta be here by 3 to navigate everything, otherwise everyone would be out of the sports which I’ve broached but isn’t even considered as an option.

        So work from home it is but it doesn’t pay what I need. And, I have to market myself. I’m not good at that.


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      3. Oh, yeah! At one time, I tried to impress on Hubby why I said I had so little time during the day and that I had to be home by (at the time) 2:30 at the latest. It took one time pulling into the neighborhood behind the bus for me to ever get home later than that. Hubby didn’t get it until he took those days off with me. Now he does better, but sometimes it is difficult for him to wrap his brain around the difference between what he gets done at work and what I can do at home, even though they are VERY different things.

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  3. We have so many dogs in our neighborhood but few dog walkers. Now we are left with just the pug! Yay! Walking, cleaning up poo is tiring three times a day. I would rather write about brushing teethe for some content seeker. Good luck! It, never. ends. Until the fat lady sings, they say.

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