Rambling about writing, family life and all-nighters

Yesterday’s office hours were a bit of a futsch.

Is that a word? If not, it is now. I made it up. It means, as per my definition, that writing didn’t happen to the degree I wanted it to.

Having said that, I wrote a lot the day prior and I got feedback from two people – one over email and one sitting beside me on the couch. πŸ™‚

The one sitting beside me on the couch was the reason writing didn’t happen because he kept talking to me about important parenting things, and work things, and scheduling our stupid hectic life things, and fixing the dryer things, but that’s ok, these things needed to happen too. Talking, I mean. It’s rare we’re sitting on the couch at the same time with at least one of us not fried by the day’s events…and actually able to communicate. You know?

He also asked me to take the boy to his late practice last night which I half expected to happen when I noticed the Wednesday morning schedule on my calendar. His squares are purple (the kids are predictably pink and blue) and Wednesday has a lot of purple squares on it. First one started prior to 7 am so I figured he didn’t want to be at the rink till 10 pm up in Vaughan, which is 40 minutes away, the night prior.

So I took my mac with me to the rink. I figured 90 minutes is plenty of time to write what I missed writing during my office hours in the morning.

Didn’t happen.

I can’t think at night. I’m better equipped to write in the mornings…and the rink is distracting, there were kids bouncing around with fast food smells wafting through the area, and the only places to sit are benches, not chairs with backs…The floor was disgustingly dirty (it always is, they don’t clean in there) so I ended up going back to the car and sitting in it for an hour. Read on my phone rather than on the mac, but at least, I was comfortable.

Now you know the plights of a hockey mom! πŸ™„

But I did read, which is a necessity if you’re a writer. I read social media, blogs, and one of several ebooks I have going at the moment which I can also access through my phone.

Every once in a while though I thought about a friend who was pulling an all nighter…wondering how people can, if they have no choice, manage to not only stay up all night, but produce work while staying up all night. This was never my forte even back in my University days when many of my friends pulled all-nighters to prepare for exams. I much rather studied less and got a good night’s sleep in, rather than write a test with a sleep-deprived brain.

I know that these things sometimes happen. And I am not unfamiliar with all-nighters…I had an infant who nursed me to death 24/7 for 18 months.

Talk about sleep-deprived brain damage… (let’s not. UGH)

But I digress.

Today is a new day, my office hours are about to start, and my blog post is finished.

Happy Hump Day! πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Rambling about writing, family life and all-nighters

  1. You could always use rink time to do any writing related research or to work on your networking (absolutely necessary) to prep you for when you are ready to publish what you write. Or read. Reading also works. I do an insane amount of reading sitting and waiting on BG while she is in dance. Have I mentioned this is a 4 times a week thing for me??

    I’ve always been more of a night owl, so later nights aren’t a big deal to me. Trying to actually function the next day before 10 or 11 if I stayed up too late? Forget it! The last two days have been a huge drain on me because I wanted to be up to see MC off when he drove himself to school for the first time. I ended up crashing on the couch after everyone left yesterday.

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      1. Pretty sure mine is from prior conditioning that started in HS when I would stay up most of the night reading. That continued into early adulthood when I would go to dance clubs several times a week, not getting home until 1 or 2 in the morning, sometimes later. Most of those ended up with me on the early shift at work, so I had to attempt to function through that with whiny customers until I could finally get home and nap. Hubby is more of an early bird and my kids kind of fall in between, but will most likely end up more like him than me as they get older.

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  2. I’m much more coherent in the morning as well, prompted by a job that required me to get to work early . But, I have worked late nights, and was reasonably successful, but yeah.. .

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      1. oR Jamie Benn! lol

        Jamie Benn played A caliber when he was younger. He went undrafted in the WHL Bantam Draft then wound up playing Junior A and getting picked up by the Kelowna Rockets and now he’s the Captain of the Dallas Stars.

        Everyone’s path is different.

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      2. Very true! πŸ™‚

        My son is also in A baseball…half the year the two sports overlap, with baseball having an off season from January to May. Hockey playoffs happen as of March and go till mid April pending how long they’re in it.
        It. Never. Ends. .:)

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