Kids helping kids: fun times at the rink

My 11yo daughter, a kid with a natural social disposition as well as a desire to be involved in activities, has been invited to volunteer in the Learn to Skate program.

So after her final baseball game on Saturday morning, which ended in a silver medal, I took her out for a donut and then home for a bite to eat. After that, we went to the rink. πŸ˜ƒ

Me in summer wear and the girl child in rink wear. 😜

As a U14 ringette player, she is now old enough to participate with volunteering. She was very excited!

Side note: Ringette is a similar sport as hockey but is geared toward girls. (I wrote more about this here.) The rules are slightly different from hockey, where passing the ring (instead of a puck) is built into the rules which makes the game somewhat more inclusive. (In hockey there is no rule to pass the puck although it is desirable to pass.)

So, my social butterfly daughter joined a slew of other girls from her ringette team, and they each paired themselves up with a tiny, clingy tot on skates.

I have to tell you, that was the cutest thing I ever saw. πŸ™‚

My intention wasn’t to stick around originally. I gave my girl some money for the snack bar because after the Learn to Skate she had an hour to kill before her own practice commenced. But I couldn’t pull myself away from the cuteness, so I stuck around.

The boys in the meanwhile had their own activity, as regular season hockey began on Saturday. I missed my son’s first game because I was at the other rink, but he texted me he scored the first goal and they won. This counts for something. πŸ™‚

And so it begins again, the endlessness that is hockey season. It’s always exciting at the very beginning, before it all turns into a bit of a slog…

But for now, it’s still fun. But don’t worry, I won’t be typing up rink stuff all the time now. πŸ™„

7 thoughts on “Kids helping kids: fun times at the rink

  1. It’s like what my daughter is doing by being a dance assistant, except on ice. It is so adorable! My girl was over the moon excited that one of the classes she is assisting is the kindergarten group. All these tiny little dancers all excited and talking and happy. She is almost more excited about that than her own classes. I think it is awesome that there are the opportunities, both for the younger kids and the older ones.

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