Ice cream with teenagers

Yesterday my teenager forced invited me to eat ice cream at the local Dairy Queen. šŸ˜…

He had been craving a blizzard; not the weather kind, you understand, we get enough of those kinds of blizzards up here in Toronto, but the sugary, frozen, chemically enhanced kind.

“You can turn the cup upside down and it doesn’t fall out,” he explained to me.


Anyway he ordered an Oh Henry blizzard and I had a sudden deja vu of myself and my friend Andrea, back in high school, ordering Peanut Buster Parfaits.

I had that yesterday. Saw it on the menu and knew right away that that was what I wanted to order. First time in at least 20 years. šŸ™„

Must I explain about the diabetic coma I found myself in later, when we got home?

Ugh. Hypoglycemic people do not need to eat sugary frozen treats…

The ice cream however was at least somewhat enjoyable, I guess. If you like soft ice cream. I prefer gelato made with real ingredients rather than chemicals, but whatever. The peanuts were the best part in the parfait if you ask me.

We visited the DQ in between two appointments and actually asked his doctor if a sugary treat will affect the second test.

“It won’t make a difference at all,” she said which was interpreted by the teenage brain as “Dairy Queen is doctor’s orders”.

Ha ha. šŸ˜€

Anyway, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my boy lately and it’s been about 87% pleasant, even fun. So refreshing!

But as of today things are back to normal again, I think. My partner passed his check ride (flight test in an airplane) so he’s back to doing all the boy-sports in the evenings and I’m off the hook for the late night treks to and from dirty arenas with odorous boys. šŸ˜‰

But not really; the girl child has practices on Saturday at a rink but at least it’s not as far away. And she’s slightly less odorous… (not really) šŸ™‚

Anyway, despite the sugar consumption I ended up with a lovely glass of red wine on my back porch last night, after trekking the girl child through onerous construction to her quarter-final baseball game. Her dad met her there, so I ended up not sticking around. I’ve seen most of her baseball games all season and I really wanted to tidy up the kitchen area before heading to bed so that my Thursday morning didn’t start off with irritation and annoyance at all the clutter.

Which is why I ignored the clutter while sipping wine and typing this post on my back porch. Just for you.

You’re welcome. šŸ˜œ

21 thoughts on “Ice cream with teenagers

  1. I’ve never been able to talk myself into ordering anything BUT the Peanut Buster Parfait at DQ!!! The hot fudge & peanut combo is so perfect. Man…it’s been AT LEAST 2 years since my last visit to DQ, I just realized.

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  2. I’ve never had a blizzard, but a small chocolate milkshake at the DQ is my summer favorite. I have waited out a 30 minute torrential rain/thunderstorm twice this summer sitting in the DQ parking lot – a perfect excuse to pull over. I rationalize it as there is some protein in the milk and ice cream.

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  3. I had a little help, but I finished up what was left of the cookie dough ice cream in our freezer last night. That was my part of cutting back on the clutter. That freezer was looking like a disaster area. It is much better now.

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  4. Blizzards at DQ were my favorite…before I ventured into the KETO world of deprivation. Anyway, I was in one of our local Discount grocery stores the other day and they had pints of ice cream (of the sugar free variety). The Brand was called SWELL, and they had 3 flavors – Chocolate Fudge, Toffee, and Mint Chip. Never heard of SWELL, and our last 2 ventures into sugar free/low carb ice cream turned into a cardboard eating venture. Did not want that again. Except maybe. They had it priced right….8 pints for $1.50. Not each. For the entire pack of 8 pints. $1.50. Do I dare look at the expiration date? This place usually cuts it close, but not this time…July 2020. So hey, I spent $4.50 and bought an 8 pack of each. It was good. Really good. All 3 flavors. So I can indulge without the ‘diabetic’ guilt. Now I need them to make a no carb Nestle Crunch bits and I can make my own damn Blizzard.

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      1. This is the toffee…which is very low sugar (well within my diabetic tolerance) – Skim milk, Whey, Toffee, coconut oil, salt, sunflower, cocoa, Water, chocolate liquor, cream…and the usual preservatives. I can eat about 1/2 a pint and keep my carbs at around 22. For a Keto/type 2 diabetic, this is about as good as it gets without munching on a shoebox.

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