Same same, but different

Yesterday I lost my reading glasses.

I had them at one point while shopping for my son (clothes, mostly). I remember distinctly that I had them on my face both in Walmart and at Winners. I needed to read the small print on the tags to ensure I bought the correct sizes.

Anyway back in the car I would consult my photographed list in my phone and also remember having had my glasses then.

When I got home they were gone.

They were cheap ones, not prescription, but still. Now I have to head out to a store again and get another pair. Or search the house for the old, ill-fitting ones.

This is not a good week to have to deal with extra stuff.

What else is going on?

Too much to list. September is always brutal…this year is no different. But the weather had been absolutely brilliant – gorgeous, sunny, cool in mornings and evenings but summery during mid-day. Too bad I’ve been spending some of that time indoors in rinks…

Tomorrow we get to visit my son’s new high school for curriculum night. He has 8 teachers…and each teacher is giving a 10 min presentation in their classroom. This is going to be interesting…

Part of me is looking forward to taking it all in. I don’t know about your teenage boys, but mine doesn’t talk a lot so I really don’t have a lot of detail about his experience so far. He’s coming along for curriculum night though; I told him, you have to guide us to the correct classrooms in a timely fashion. πŸ™‚

Today he gets to play hookie, lucky boy. He had a late practice last night which I had to take him to up in the north of the city. We didn’t get home till almost 11 pm, but Wednesdays are late start days at his school which pleases him. Except, he has an appointment at 1 pm which means he’ll be in class for a Phys Ed and 15 minutes of English class. Doesn’t seem worth it to take a 50 min bus trip twice in one morning for a period and a half. He promised me in the car last night he’d do his English work at home after breakfast so I’m holding him to that.

That’s all I’ve got. Busy, hectic, boring. No writing happening here, I’m all dehydrated of meaningful words.

How’s your week in your neck of the woods?


11 thoughts on “Same same, but different

  1. The start of September is always the same for us as well — an endless stream of opening nights, signups and last-minute dashes for now-too-small pieces of equipment. Hopefully things are starting to calm down a bit now, although the sheer number of activities that are now on Saturday are going to make for an interesting day.

    Coincidentally, my eldest son’s school had their info evening on Tuesday. My partner and son went, leaving me to play board games with the twins. It’s a hard life sometimes πŸ˜‰

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  2. The last several weeks have been similar for me – just one thing after another going on. It doesn’t help that my other half keeps landing more things on us, so as well as trying to juggle the normal chores, extra mayhem gets added to the mix.

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  3. I’m dealing with a dead wasp nest that is stinking up my bedroom so much that I can’t even sleep in there, and have to sleep in the spare bedroom. The wasps nest was in the siding of the house so I had Pest-Away here to spray it ten days ago and no wasps since, but he neglected to mention that there might be an odor. It smells like dead rodents in the wall. I’m praying for cooler weather so I can air the room out. Now, aren’t you glad you asked! On the plus side, this weird situation did inspire a future blog.


  4. My son at your sons age did not talk much. Now that he is 19 and away at college he messages me more lol.. if you can tell I’ve changed my blog up a bit not much to talk about on the home base these days eventually maybe lol but I’ve been getting back into writing like I use to to many many hrs ago . It’s a nice change . At the moment.

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  5. This is the beginning of the crazy here with BG starting dance and MC’s clubs kicking in. He still isn’t driving yet, so that means I have to pick him up after the clubs.

    MC is 17 and spends a huge amount of time quite and playing games with his friends. He is also totally cool with coming and talking when he feels the need, like last night when he needed to vent his frustrations over his girl’s somewhat insane parents.

    The weather has been perfect to get in another swim before we have to close everything up for the year, but I just haven’t been able to work the time to make it happen.

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  6. Moving right along here. Next to my work, a drugstore went out of business. I went over one day for the heck of it and all of their reading glasses were 90% off! I bought four pairs that were in the $29 range normally and I think I ended up paying less than $10 for the set. I’m down to two pairs now. One fell off in the yard and I think got ran over before I found them, and one pair is completely AWOL. Oh, well. I still have two – but one is some ridiculous magnification – like 2.5 or something. Comes in good for reading books on an iPad.

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  7. Lots and lots of rain, not our typical lovely September. And the rain makes my apartment cold so I’ve pulled out all my winter clothes.
    I got so tired of having reading glasses all over, and taking them on and off that I just went to a pair of progressive prescription glasses that can stay on my face all the time.

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