I’m frazzled; it must be Monday

I get to travel around the city to look for, and hopefully purchase, a clarinet mouth piece this afternoon.

Does this make you happy for me? No?

I’m not happy either.

For years I’ve told the kids to give me their school paper work on Friday prior to the weekend commencing. I mean, it’s not rocket science, is it?

Best not to answer that.

Sitting on my lap here is a two-page letter from the music department at the high school about all the stuff they need and require and must inform parents about…my teenager gave it to me with one foot out the door this morning.

Not impressed.

He needs the mouth piece by next class, which is tomorrow. Huh.

I googled music stores in our area after they left for school. Seems there’s one near here (relatively speaking – nothing is near when traffic gridlock keeps you from moving forward efficiently).

It’s a small store and I don’t think they have parking in the back which means I have to park on residential streets. That area is high density (like most of Toronto’s neighbourhoods) so that will add another time consuming factor in the trip.

The store closes at 6. The kid gets home shortly after 4 pm – it’ll take at least 40 min to drive to the music store and I have no idea how long it will take me to find parking, and then, pending where the parking is, how long it’ll take to walk to the store.


In addition to that both kids have baseline testing later…we need to be back and at the baseline testing place shortly after dinner. Dinner which needs to either be made or purchased by someone (me) sometime today.

All this rushing around at the last minute does not please me. Boo.

What irks me even more is that while we were at hockey all weekend (tournament) we went to a large mall for lunch between the quarter and semi final games. Pretty sure they had a music store in that mall, or if not, one in the brick-and-mortar stores flanking the mall. We could have taken care of it then instead of sitting in food courts staring at phones.


Anyway, it is what it is. I just hope we make it in time, and they have the mouth piece he needs. And, what’s more, that he knows specifics about what he needs. He says he’s playing the clarinet for the first time. I have no knowledge whatsoever about clarinets or mouth pieces…he’s going to have to call and find out details. Or talk to someone.

Way to go Monday…not a good way to get the week started.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to dig through the fridge and freezer to see if there’s anything I can make into a casserole this morning. The other two family members have practice at 6 and will need to eat while I’m out with the boy child.


9 thoughts on “I’m frazzled; it must be Monday

    1. We’ve used them with success and believe in them actually. Hockey Canada endorses it too although some teams don’t enforce it. We’re with a team where it’s encouraged but not enforced. The kids are young, and although neither of mine have had concussions, many of my son’s hockey and baseball pals have had them and some of my daughter’s ringette friends too (although not from ringette but from baseball or backyard play accidents). Anyway, it’s all good. I’m not against it. 🙂


  1. If I remember correctly from my band days, the mouthpieces are pretty much all the same for that. You could always call the store ahead of time to check if they have what you are looking for and save yourself some time if they don’t. Good luck and try not to strangle the kid!

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  2. I went to dinner last night and someone asked how much I was missing my daughter at home. I honestly said that I don’t really miss her, because we communicate in some firm every day. And honestly, I don’t miss getting up at 545 to make her breakfast and lunch, and I don’t miss her backpack thrown inside the front door, and my laundry loads are cut in half….so yeah….

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