Fibe tv is ridiculous

This new Fibe tv thingy we bundled with internet service is ridiculous. I mean, there are thousands of channels (free for two months, then we’ll go back to the basic package). So now if I want to watch any given channel I have to consult a freaking spreadsheet. Example: Food Network is channel 1603… I gotta type in four digits for crying out loud!

If I get tired of the Pioneer Woman or Valerie or whatever else they show on the Food Network, and I want to watch Gusto, or AMC or whatever, I have to type in another several new digits. After scanning a spreadsheet, or the online guide that you can search with the remote.

I’ll say it again: there are thousands of channels…it’s…cumbersome.

Even if I click ‘last’ to take me back to the first channel up comes some menu item which I then have to scan and search.


Here’s the thing. I usually watch about 4 channels on any given day as background while I do my stuff if/when I’m home. Usually a cooking show, or the Weather Network. I have this stuff on mute so I can simultaneously listen to music (but I activate the cc so I can read if I happen to actually watch something on tv).

Nuts, right?

Talk about over-stimulation. (Sometimes, I turn the tv off. Don’t @ me.) πŸ™‚

Anyway…one day I was too tired to look through the stupid spreadsheet to find some specific channel so I just started flicking around. I found Netflix and YouTube, which I have now marked down. I found other channels we didn’t have before (HBO, Documentary TV, Animal Planet)…which was kind of interesting.

Then, I came across the fireplace.

You know how they have a fire crackling in a fireplace on tv, sometime around Christmas time? There’s a whole channel dedicated to the fireplace, apparently. So if you don’t have a fireplace but want to watch a fireplace you can select the fireplace channel. #WHATISHAPPENING

I got tired of looking at the fireplace in about 30 seconds so I continued with my flicking.

I found this. I found an aquarium. It’s on channel 1758.

The cool thing is, it also makes quiet bubbly noises. lol

This is my new, favorite channel to have on tv now. I’m staring at it right now as I type.


Anyway, it’s sunny and warm and windy and I’m tired of tv and computers and want to go dig holes in the soil so bye.


19 thoughts on “Fibe tv is ridiculous

  1. It sounds interesting. I only have basic Cogeco cable as I don’t watch much tv, but am thinking of getting Netflix for winter. So this Fibe thing has Netflix? My mother has tons of channels in her cable package but I seldom find anything to watch on them esp the free movie channels, but maybe that’s because I can’t find any good movies. The aquarium and fireplace both sound relaxing……

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  2. I want the aquarium channel! I love watching fish, especially the pretty salt water fish, but I REALLY don’t want to every have to deal with a tank. This would be perfect!

    Not sure if your service has this or not, but ours has the ability to choose favorite channels. Once you set them, you can sort of scroll through them by pushing the “favorite” button until you get to the one you’re looking for. This is especially useful if you only have a handful that you flip through and makes trying to find what you are looking for so much easier. Not that I’ve touched my remote in probably 2 years except to get the local weather up to watch a storm roll in.

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