Self-motivating selfies

I really didn’t want to go grocery shopping today. I really didn’t want to do many things today. It’s been a week…ugh.

Then something happened. I walked by a mirror and looked in it.

I didn’t like what I saw. What I saw was not inspiring. And I figured, if I don’t feel inspired or happy or motivated when I look at myself, how will others feel when they see me?

The kids have been argumentative all week (transition time back to school blah blah blah) and this wears me down. This reflected in the mirror.

I figured, I need to change my look. Change my attitude. So I did two things:

First, I put on real clothes instead of yoga pants and some athletic top.

Then, I snapped some selfies. And you know what?

I like me in these selfies.

Maybe I can hang on to this sentiment for the remainder of the day which will take me through dog walking, dog sitting, back from school chaos, dinner prep and battling traffic up to York for a hockey game.


Wish me luck.



16 thoughts on “Self-motivating selfies

  1. Golly gee, whenever I look in a mirror I just think “I am looking at a piece of glass, so who cares”. If you ever get a chance to read Kurt Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions”, he calls looking into a mirror “a leak”, because looking into a mirror allows you to “leak” into another dimension. Interesting concept, but I look way better in this dimension, so I think I will stay.

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  2. What I wear or how my hair is done really impacts how I feel about myself. This used to include makeup, but I mostly can’t wear that anymore (this makes me so sad!). Being home all the time, I rarely choose to wear things to make me feel good. I always go for practical and comfortable instead. I need to remind myself to do it differently every once in a while.

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  3. My younger daughter has this philosophy that when you’re feeling especially ‘off’ emotionally it’s imperative to get yourself dressed well. She preaches that the way you feel about the way you look will automatically create a shift in your mood.
    You look like you’re feeling comfortable and confident. You certainly look well put together, ready for errands!
    Self care FTW! ❤

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    1. I have a friend who says this too. I found it hard back in the day when I was a starving student and a poverty stricken first job worker…I didn’t have it in me to go shopping for ‘good’ clothes. But there is something there…

      I still don’t have a lot of money for clothing, but I make better selections nowadays. Comfort is important, style less so but still a bit, I guess, now that I’m older and mid-life-ish. But when I played around with the selfies this morning I thought, ok, it actually works. I held my head higher and smiled at people at the store. And then treated myself to a coffee at a little local shop and the shop owner came over and seemed really happy to see me and we had a lovely chat. So maybe it works. :p

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      1. I dont think it’s about ‘good’ clothes. I think it’s about clothes that you love, that make you feel ‘a way’ when you wear them.
        Clearly just getting dressed and having a mini-shoot changed the way you felt, enough so that someone took an active notice and struck up a conversation. Thank you for sharing your story, and for inspiring me to remember how to do it! ❤

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    2. This is really true! I started dressing up for work a few years ago – I wear a tie every day. I used to wear it only on Fridays as kind a joke, then I took to wearing it every day. You feel good when you look in the mirror. I’m one of the only people who wears a tie at my job, and honestly, there are days when I don’t see more than one person, but I’m really comfortable in it. I always remember that scene from “The Naked Gun” where he comes home for work and says “I’m going to go change” and he comes out in different suit and tie. “Ah, that’s better”

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