Never a dull moment – Wednesday

Hump day was not good. I won’t bore you with all of the misery but instead will extricate the best parts for you.

Like this one:

These donuts are baked at an Italian shop called San Remos and people will battle traffic and construction and drive hours to come to our neighbourhood bakery to get these sweeties. 😍

My partner and daughter brought this box home. They stopped by the bakery on the way to her school after an appointment, and she took part in the selection process. πŸ˜‰

The tradition in our house is to cut each donut into four pieces so that we all get to sample the various flavours. (Don’t worry, I used a teeny knife this time to avoid re-injury…) 😐

“The middle one is lemon meringue!” the girl child announced later when she came home from school. “I picked that one for you because I know you like it.” ❀

I had a couple of my pieces with tea in the afternoon and immediately crashed afterwards. For hypoglycemic people like me, consuming refined sugar is not ideal. But…they were sooo good.

The rest of the day is best not rehashed, but I’ll tell you about another highlight:

Fresh sheets on the bed.

You know when you’re really tired and have been longing for solitude and rest in horizontal positions and then that time finally arrives and you can’t wait to slip between the clean, crisp, freshly laundered sheets on your bed?

Well I denied myself until after I had a quick shower. I wanted to feel just as clean and fresh as my sheets after a bit of a thing involving a switch of kids in different locations in the pouring rain at 8:30 at night. #YouthSports #activities #ItNeverEnds

With the help of the girl child I managed to tie a bag around my injured and bandaged hand before rinsing off in the shower and then…bliss.

My bed was bliss.

And so ended another day. I wonder what Thursday will bring…

12 thoughts on “Never a dull moment – Wednesday

  1. Two wonderful highlights, but now I so want a donut!
    *Secretly, I have moments sometimes when I get into a fresh bed, lay down, sigh deeply and actually tell my bed just how much I love it. Those moments are blissful πŸ˜‰

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  2. A good day is followed by a not so good day. That is Karma, and is a fact of life. In business we call it “Pareto Optimality”. In plain language, it is more like “no good deed goes unpunished”, or ” for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” or “every silver lining is followed by a dark cloud”. So, best to just stay in bed and let this soon-to-be cruddy day pass.

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