Never a dull moment – Thursday

Ok so I’m focusing on some positive, happy things here to get through the week filled with stress, a deadline, PMS, clutter and arguments…here is the first thing:

My house plant is flowering!

I mass-watered them in the kitchen sink with a drop of fertilizer.


I got a email message from a points card that I use at a grocery and drug store: 60,000 points!

points card

I filled out a survey for this company, and it was well worth it if you ask me. The last time I filled out a similar survey, sometime earlier in the year, I made a hundred bucks on that points card. But I’ll take the 60 bucks.

$60 of ‘free’ money is a good thing when you have a hungry teenager… 🙂

Do you use points cards? I have a love/hate relationship with them because if I happen to not have a particular card on me when I shop, it causes me a little bit of stress.

I’m missing out on some potential savings! I chide myself. Why didn’t I carry that card with me today?


The good news is I’m a bit of a creature of habit and usually do most of the shopping in the same stores. So I carry those cards, usually two specific ones, on me at all times.

The other way I earn points is through my bank debit card which is my primary source of payment. Click, says the machine and I have points earned. According to the last email message I can go eat at some chain restaurant for a $20 reduction on my bill, or I can go see a movie on the house.

Maybe I should go to the movies… I haven’t been in a long while. What should I go see?

It, Dora, Angry Birds and Toy Story are off the list, don’t @ me. 🙂

So there you go. A post without crying freaking out woe is me-ing complaining. It’s almost Friday…

Anyway I gotta go feed people and take a kid to some practice. See you tomorrow.




12 thoughts on “Never a dull moment – Thursday

  1. We have a Kroger card and use it always. Mostly, you get gas points for it – which you use to take a few cents off on gas. What’s funny about that? My wife and I went to fill up and the cents off wasn’t super high. We were talking about it at dinner and my son says “Really? I got like 15 cents off a gallon!” – he was using our points up! Ugh!

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  2. My vote would be Spider-man Far From Home. It’s a fun film and probably your last chance to see Peter Parker as part of the Avengers.

    I keep meaning to have another go at growing some houseplants. My problem is that I keep forgetting to water the things.

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  3. I cannot tell you the last time I saw a movie in the theater. It would probably drive me up the wall because I couldn’t make them pause so I could take the required potty break. I’ll stick with the pretty plants instead.

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