Never a dull moment – Tuesday

Here’s a news flash:

Doing housework is hazardous to my health.

I cut myself on a meat cleaver when I tried to wash it in the sink last night, and nearly sliced my pinky finger tip off. BLAH.

Sleeping was tricky…my finger was throbbing, and gushing blood, so I re-wrapped it a few times and swallowed some Advil.

I need coffee. I mean, more than usual.

Still bleeding 12 hours later…
Typing like this causes the Caps Lock to activate constantly…

Anyway, I wanted to share something else today before I bleed to death…

I took my son to the barber yesterday (before I maimed myself). There is a little barber shop owned by two Italian men where my teenager likes to go. This shop:

There is something about this little hole-in-the-wall place, located in a strip mall five minutes from our house and across the street from a college.

It appeals because it’s completely un-fluffy. Do you know what I mean? This isn’t a place where posh people venture…

The shop is very simply organized. There are photographs and postcards taped to the walls with pieces of masking tape (not framed), the furniture is older, and well-worn (not colour-coordinated or matching), the lighting is simple (not fancy) and the two old guys sit in chairs by the window and either watch the Co-eds walk by, or do crossword puzzles in outdated newspapers.

Every once in a while they get a visitor who is just passing by, probably clients or friends/family of clients.

Usually, my son goes there with his dad, but yesterday, I took him. The little Italian men were particularly smiley when we arrived – it’s not typical for the mom to bring the boy, and so they were just a little bit chattier than usual. πŸ™‚

While I sat there beside the one guy, the other buzzed my boy’s mane off his head. He kept looking over at me, for approval.

Talk to him, I told my son. Tell him what you want.

Short, he said. But not too short.

ANYWAY. I kind of felt like I was in a little Sicilian village…or a little Italian suburb in New York during the Godfather years. Or maybe the Goodfellas time…


When we left I gave my kid a $20 to pay for his new do. He waited for change, and when he got it, I gave the barber a few extra bucks tips.

And then the boy went to hockey, the girl to gymnastics and I sliced off my finger.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow… ?


12 thoughts on “Never a dull moment – Tuesday

  1. I’ve been fairly lucky.. except for one off day a few years ago. I took one of my wife’s huge and razor sharp knives and was poking at some ice in the freezer. (I was using the handle, not the sharp end of the knife – and I was holding it correctly so as not to get cut). Anyway, while I was managing putting things into and out of the fridge, I laid the knife on top of the fridge and — forgot about it. About an hour later, I opened the fridge to get some tea and a knife came flying down and stuck in my hand. I’m lucky (because I buy her really good knives) it didn’t do more damage, but I had a nasty gash – which I wrapped in duck tape and paper towels, and no – never went to doc in a box or anything. I’m not dead, so I guess it all ended well – but I’m a little more careful about what I lay on the fridge now.

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  2. That’s a nasty looking cut. I hope you haven’t bled to death yet.

    I like the barber. I used to go to somewhere very similar — one elderly guy, no appointments, no fussing. The only thing I had to be careful of was to make sure I didn’t need a haircut when the Tour de France was in progress — It’s quite frightening when the person handling scissors near your face is also watching the cycling on TV.

    He’s reduced his hours now, which is a shame as he’s no longer open on Saturdays.

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  3. Sounds like the kind of place where the owners just love what they do and have no reason to stop doing it. Can you imagine how many clients they’ve seen come and go over the years… I bet they have stories!

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