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  1. I think this may be an example of “you know you’re older when…” only because both of my kids can type at a crazy high words per minute rate and do not do so “normally.” My daughter and I checked and she uses maybe 3 fingers on one hand and 2 on the other and still hits something like 80 some words per minute. I’d be willing to bet my son uses even less and still gets the same if not better timing. Blows my mind. They don’t teach typing like they used to. I’d be in your shoes if I had an injury to any of my fingers. My kids would just blow it off and keep typing like it was nothing.

    You could always just grab some superglue if you really don’t want to go in, though I don’t know how well it would do on a finger. Hope it feels better soon!

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    1. I love typing and I learned the traditional way so I forced my kids to do a bit of typing lessons when they were young. But you just reminded me that I should watch them next time…be interesting to see how they type now in middle and high school.

      I type without the pinkie. It’s…weird but works. 🙂

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      1. If you were to watch my kids, you’d think they didn’t know what they were doing because it is all so incredibly random. I was stunned when they both tried some time tests and got such a high score. For the longest time, my son only used his index fingers to type and still could type insanely fast.

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