Never a dull moment – Monday

On Monday the girl child went off to school as she always does. I spent my morning hours doing what I usually do while simultaneously doing a load of laundry when suddenly, I got a text from her.

My tummy hurts, can you please pick me up!

Long story short  I drove over to the school with a bottle of children’s Tylenol and buzzed them to let me in. After I texted her that I would do this.

The secretary in the office was busy and ignored me.

So I texted the girl child that I had arrived at the office, and was waiting for her.

No response.

The secretary was still busy and continued to ignore me.

I texted the child again. Then I checked the clock: they were on lunch, she must be in the lunch room.

Finally the secretary asked me if I needed something.

I told her.

She went into another room and shortly after I heard her make a PA announcement, naming my child to come to the office.

I briefly wondered if this is what she wanted, to be announced on the PA.

While the announcement was happening I noticed a text came in. She responded.


(this is tween abbreviation for ‘okay’ apparently…) 🙂

A few minutes later she arrived.

She saw me sitting in the chair in the office and planted herself in front of me.

What’s up? I asked her.

My stomach hurts, she said.

I asked the usual questions to determine how serious this was, if she was puking or pale or crying or having an anxiety attack or on her death bed or something when I noticed she didn’t bring her bag or jacket with her to the office.

I assumed she was not coming home with me after all (which is the desirable outcome, if you ask me).

Do you want to take some Tylenol to see if it’ll go away? I asked her.


I dispensed the meds, told her to go back to her friends and to drink some water.

Ok mom, she said and waved goodbye.


When I got home I went out back to hang the laundry. My phone was on the counter.

After the laundry was hung up, I got ready to head over to my client’s dog Jasper’s house for his walk when I noticed a new text had come in.

It still really hurts!

Can you PLEASE pick me up!

I texted back that it takes the meds about 15 minutes to work and to sit down someplace and pull her knees up to her stomach. This helps me sometimes when I have PMS and for all I know, that is what she was going through.

Or not. What do I know.

I was just about to leave when she texted again.

note the time stamps…

After the Nevermind, I didn’t hear from her again. She arrived home from school at 3:30 pm her usual chipper self, and whatever she had experienced was over now. And, she was up for her baseball game and even pitched an inning.



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