Non-habitual routines: the new normal

Twice this weekend my partner got up at 5 am and left to go fly a plane out in Peterborough, 2.5 hours away. Yesterday and today.

And with teenagers in the house who don’t get up until they’re literally starving to death, I had a rare couple of mornings to myself.

The weather was cool and crisp despite ample sunshine, but too chilly to sit out on the back porch. So I made coffee, had a hot shower, and enjoyed the empty void-of-people-and-clutter main floor of the house to myself for a little while.


Anyway. I have to go to the rink today. I don’t really want to. It’s still very summery during the day time in these parts of Canada and I’d prefer to finish the gardening in the front than be stuck in a smelly arena with a bunch of odorous teenage boys, but what can I do. The pre-season tournament begins next week and he has to get his hockey legs back in shape.

How is everyone dealing with back to school? Happy the routine is back?

I’m on the fence on that topic. My routine isn’t very habitual this month; every day it’s something new or different, and it’s a constant juggle of who is taking which kid to where when. My daughter, aka Little Miss Social Butterfly, has umpteen birthday party invites as well so there’s that to coordinate. Plus my editing job fell through and my dog walking business is at a halt (down to one dog) so I’m a little preoccupied in lining up new gigs for myself. Which is why I haven’t felt much like blogging lately – I don’t have anything new to report that would interest anyone. So boo.

And then there’s the endless shopping.


I am seriously considering canceling Christmas all together this year. If we had even just a tiny bit money left over after each month I’d book us a trip and forget the whole thing. (I am not a religious person at all and Christmas is all about commercialism anyway so it makes me even more irate to see the stuff peddled in stores in freaking September.)

But we’ll leave that rant for another day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see if the laundry is ready to be hung outside, and get the car packed for the rink.



16 thoughts on “Non-habitual routines: the new normal

  1. Ah..the sweet smell of retirement…back to school for us only means more big yellow buses on the road, kiddies at bus stops and less dog walkers in the morning. Back to school shopping? Pffft. Early morning lunch packing? Pffft. After school programs and school bake sales? Pffft. Proms, homecomings and Sadie Hawkins? Pffft and Pffft.

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  2. Preempting Halloween is something that always ticks me off about Christmas marketing. Give me some time to enjoy feeling evil and witchy, please. I’m all for the pretty lights and traditions (mostly because they are more what we’ve made of them than any other reason), but I really need to be able to enjoy the other events first!

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    1. Yep. I can usually handle Xmas about 2 weeks prior, to about New Years, then done. 3 weeks max. Unfortunately in North America Xmas begins prior to American Thanksgiving with retail peddling as of back to school in September. Ugh.


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