A slight detour from my online whining

I almost stepped on this today.

I was walking along not following my own advice about looking up and at people when I noticed it. I thought early fall had begun and it was a crumbled up leaf from a tree.

Then I noticed the symmetry.

What is it?

I poked it with a stick to see if it was dead and it wasn’t…the legs were moving a bit. I tried to move it off the middle of the sidewalk thinking someone might step on it but it was hard…I didn’t want to damage its wings.

I managed to move it to the side and then continued on. It wasn’t there any more on the return.

Strange things going on around here…strange bugs entering my life.

18 thoughts on “A slight detour from my online whining

  1. Pandora Sphinx Moth. I thought it looked like a Hummingbird moth, but the wings were wrong. I tripped across the sphinx when looking those up and found one that looked just like this. They are really pretty!

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      1. Wonder if because it didn’t really want to move if it was newly hatched(do they actually hatch?) and still drying its wings or something along those lines? Or it was just sun bathing.

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