Is anyone else in a mood?  We’re still on holidays here in Canada until the  first week of September but I tell you I’m really getting ready for the routine to return. Every year, every late summer, I find that the lack of UNINTERRUPTED time to myself for even just a couple of hours a day has me feeling very out of sorts.

  • I can’t think.
  • I’m often on the verge of an angry outburst.
  • I can’t catch up with all their endless clutter they leave in their path.
  • I’m tired of reminding and hanging laundry and reminding and taking down laundry and reminding and shopping for food and reminding and cooking food and reminding and ordering kitchen duty or cleaning duty or yard duty or lunch duty and following up with the do-over and and and…


Maybe I need to find a full-time, out of the house job just to take a break. But I would miss my pups. Especially this one:

Sometimes my girl likes to join me on my walk with Jasper. And I love it when she does. But I have to tell you, the chatter…omg. Little girls have SO MUCH TO SAY. 🙂

She tells me things she’s experienced with other family members, or things she’s observed while out walking to or from someplace, or while away with her friends at cottages or swimming pools or wherever…I sometimes wonder if I will ever get that kind of introspective feedback from my son. He’s always been quieter than her, and targeted questions to find out what he’s thinking is hit and miss. Sometimes he’s in a chatty mood, but often, he prefers to not talk (to me, at least). Funny though when he’s plugged into his headset and playing fortnite or minecraft or whatever, he’s interacting with all his buddies…I can hear the chatter and the giggling so it’s good to know he does have a voice. 😛

Tomorrow we’re dog sitting Molly the black Schnoodle so she and Jasper (in the picture above) will have each other to play with on the walk. That’s going to be my highlight of the day I think.

Anyway we have on final little trip planned out to Prince Edward County for a little bit of late summer, early fall activities and then it’s back to reality. School (highschool for one, grade 7 the other) and work and hockey and ringette and gymnastics and baseball tryouts.

Woe is me.




14 thoughts on “Slipping…

  1. Summer break/holiday is always a time of joy and sorrow for us parents. I’m looking forward to the decreased grocery bill and getting back into a “regular” routine as well.

    My girl is also a lot more chatty than my boy, but he’s coming around on that.

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  2. I get that way right before school every year. That uninterrupted time is so key for me, not that they are too bad about it. Just… normally at that moment when I need the uninterrupted part the most is when they are most likely to come yelling “MOM!” My son and daughter are so similar. She is normally the chatty one. He is the quiet, introspective one. Every once in a great while, they will swap roles and I get a somewhat chatty boy and a quietly moody girl instead.

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      1. This year is going to be interesting. MC should be driving soon, so that will help a bit, especially since he is going to be involved in 3 different clubs. BG… I’m still not certain how much of a time commitment she is making with being a dance assistant. Minimum is an extra 2 hours a week, but there are apparently a lot of other things involved. As it stands right now, I may actually be in the slow period.

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