Monday: you’re on notice

Yesterday was a day. Ugh.

Short version: My excellent suggestions were ignored by family members. Result was epic fails all day. 🙃

At end of day I jokingly tried to teach them my mantra (repeat after me: mom was right), but they refused (ha) and so I escaped with my 3rd glass of wine to the back porch after dinner. Left them to clean the kitchen (which I had to finish later in a somewhat, um…tipsy state. Ahem.)

Will they ever learn? 😜

But first, this happened:

Guess where I went on Monday in the oppressive heat.

Here’s a hint:

This is the dumpy, old, dark restaurant/bar of a 4-pad arena which is the home rink for my kid’s hockey team. It overlooks all four ice surfaces and has a restaurant (standard fast food fare) and bar in the middle.

Yes I realize it’s August, your point is? This is 🇨🇦 and we do hockey in August here… 😂

My teen has new skates so I took him to a drop-in program to get them worn in a bit. Pre-season hockey begins in September but he hasn’t skated for months and he’s been mostly in baseball since April.

So I twisted his arm to get his hockey legs warmed up.

There’s a program called Stick and Puck and costs 5 bucks where you can skate around randomly and get used to new equipment.

He eventually agreed. He wasn’t thrilled to go on his own, but the suggestion to contact his buddies via all the screens he stares at all day was met with a blank look so whatever. We left 15 minutes after I wanted to but we did leave. (sigh)

Turned out he wasn’t the only teen…quite a few boys his age showed up and mingled with the dads who brought their preschoolers. He didn’t know any of them but no one cared (they never do). Everyone was there for a purpose – to skate and get used to new equipment. Just like my boy. ❤

I made my way upstairs and picked a spot to sit. First mistake I noticed was that I should have brought my hoodie. The viewers lounge/restaurant is enclosed by glass so the ice surface frigidity doesn’t reach up there, but the air conditioning was on full blast. Sigh…

Second thing…I should have brought a tea with me. Or bought one enroute. Could have really used something with caffeine in it. I wandered over to check if the bar was open but there was no staff. The fast food outlet area was dark, too. Boo.

He shoots! He scores!
Those toddlers were adorable. 🙂

In the second picture my teen is about to skate between two 4 or 5 year olds…omg did that ever bring back memories. My own kid started at 4… 😀 (he’s 14 now)

Seems he liked it though, my kid. I expected him to want to come off after 20 min but he was still out there shooting and skating after 30. I did notice his jersey is too small and he already complained about the long johns being too short. Thought maybe a trip to Walmart was due on our return trip. I knew instinctively I would have to bribe him with food to make that happen…


There was this whole other parenting drama that enfolded which I’ll just let you imagine yourself while considering that I was clothes shopping with a teenage boy. I’ll spare you the details. A bit of drama from me and a denial of pizza turned his attitude around somewhat and we ended up with new underwear, socks, long johns (the quick-dry athletic type) and a pair of Adidas pants. Pretty good if you consider how ill he was feeling in the store and how dehydrated he was because *I* forgot to pack him a water and how he was dizzy from lack of Big Macs, available at your local Walmart right here in southwest Toronto. ( No wonder they stay in business. 😮)

Anyway I digress. He survived, I survived, afterwards we shopped for frozen pizzas at Farm Boy together and the late afternoon resulted in a happy ending.

Maybe I’ll keep this parenting gig around a bit longer. 😉

And so begins another hockey season. Send thoughts and prayers if that’s your thing. 😀


9 thoughts on “Monday: you’re on notice

  1. Our middle girl plays field hockey – in goal. We managed to scrap together a goalie outfit for her last year from eBay. I’m dreading any of it not fitting in the near future, because we can’t afford to buy any of it new, so will have to start trawling the auction sites again.

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  2. The joys of kids in any kind of activity… the cost of all the necessary equipment and accessories. We did baseball for a while when the kids were younger. When BG started dance, I thought “This will be so much less expensive!” Yeah, no. Costumes, shoes, tights, leotards, bags for all the shoes… Then she started pointe. I love seeing her do her thing. I love how much she loves it and how passionate she can get about parts of it, but… getting to that point is so much more work for the parents than it ever is for the kids. I am apparently adding hip-hop and dance assistant to the list this year which means more shoes and accessories. Fun, fun!

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      1. This year is going to be different because of the assistant thing, plus she is in the oldest class for the first time. It is one of those bittersweet milestones that you are thrilled to see your kid hit, but reminds you that they are getting older faster than you are ready.

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