Handy mobile app features: twitter, instragram and tumblr

Some social media apps on mobile have some really handy features I like. I got used to these features, which is why when I join new apps and notice they don’t have the same flexibility or capability as the others, I am propelled to call this out on my blog. πŸ˜›

Twitter has this handy feature where I can switch back and forth between multiple accounts on my phone.

So if I want to read or type into my Writer of Words account (@WriterOfWords91), I simply do it.

But I have other twitter accounts. I started and abandoned one years ago, and then again a few months ago, for practice purposes. I kept both of them on my phone because twitter makes it easy to switch among them without me having to re-sign in each time with the other usernames. I simply click the icon and switch. Like in the image below:

If I want to fool around with account 2 (the sunshine one) it’s easy peasy. I click it and I’m in.

Instragram does the same thing. When I had my kids accounts linked to mine, I was able to switch between me, my son and my daughter without having to sign in again on their accounts. (I took them off my phone though because I’d rather have a fork poking my eyes out than be constantly interrupted by the madness that is teenagers on Instragram. Which doesn’t mean I don’t go check in on them. They just don’t know when.)

Here’s how to switch in Instragram: click the down arrow and a window opens to add in an account. Once the account is in (say my girl child’s account) it will appear as a selection I can just click and read.)

Switch between accounts in instragram

This is incredibly convenient.

This is not a feature that is obvious in Tumblr. If it even exists. (I think not.)

Here’s the thing about Tumblr. They are currently on the news and all over social media. Long story short, Automattic, the company who owns WordPress, bought Tumblr. (Check out all the apps Automattic owns by clicking the link above…)

This blog you’re reading is a WordPress blog (I use the free option, I don’t have a purchased domain).

About a year ago I fooled around with Tumblr a bit (before they were bought by Automattic.)

I created a blog on Tumblr to play around with but found it slightly difficult to get used to. That Tumblr is not in my name, I created a fake name for the purpose of practice and learning.

Since this whole buy out thing happened, I thought I may as well get in on all the excitement and I went and created a Writer of Words etc Tumblr. Here it is: https://writerofwordsetc.tumblr.com/

Then I did something dumb and I can’t figure out how to undo it (I imported my Tumblr post into my WordPress blog (the one about Preacher). I no longer want to do this. How do I get out? I will have to sit and tinker like I’m some sort of internet guru (note: I am not.) πŸ™„


Here’s my beef:

Why can’t I switch between my Writer of Words Tumblr and the other, fake one?

Perhaps the better question is: how do I do this, if there is in fact such a way?

I did google a bit and some programmer dude mentioned something about cloning and parallel screens or what have you.

Sounds too complicated to me.

Anyone have anything enlightening to add here? Or any insight scoop?

Because as you can probably guess, this hockey mom is on the cusp of entering cold, dark rinks in the very near future and staring at my various phone apps while waiting for kids to finish practice is a handy way of entertaining myself. πŸ™‚

It’s almost Friday…

18 thoughts on “Handy mobile app features: twitter, instragram and tumblr

  1. I closed my Facebook account last year because I found it to be totally boring. Twitter and YouTube are my favorites. I also love Tumblr because I have a site on there. Their post scheduling feature is to die for. Instagram is cool but I don’t spend a lot of time on there except to post pictures and read my notifications. Great article and thanks for sharing.

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    1. I like twitter too and insta. I tried tumblr, found it not as intriguing as some people said, but since I was already so engaged in WP and other apps I let tumblr go. For now. I may dabble in it again. Maybe I’ll check you out there. πŸ™‚


  2. I always tell myself that I will become more computer literate with each new training and now I learn that the students can use all these social media things and I am like, eech but sometimes I discover the new generation doesn’t like to use them. Yay! They like “in person” like me.

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  3. Tumblr is a bit of a mess, and you have to kind of be careful about removing things, because you then can’t have the name back. You should be able to switch accounts around by just editing the email address associated with them (if I understand you correctly). Send me an email if you’re stuck.

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  4. I have done my absolute best to limit the number of places I have accounts. I have a couple of accounts strictly to keep tabs on my kids, but I don’t actively use them. I wouldn’t even be on Twitter if I didn’t have to be and even then it is only mostly tolerable because I can connect it to my WP blog. I’m all for simplicity, but I can’t always get that. Having to learn all the different platforms is too much.

    I used to run two different online message boards plus maintained my online shop and had to learn those different softwares on top of everything else I did. It was fun for a while, but I just couldn’t keep up with all the changes in all the different places.

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    1. Yep. Madness.

      It might have been a little more proactive of me to explain my reasoning behing all this dabbling…I’m in a lull at the moment and I have time. πŸ˜‰

      But. September is the worst month for me in terms of time so I know I’ll drop off significantly then. But in the meantime, I’m learning things. The internet is an ever changing entity.

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  5. Not an issue I am familiar with, since I have closed every freaking account I ever had except my blog. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Snapchat, Instagram or Allintoyourbusiness.com, or wearelistening.com or wouldulikefrieswiththat.com

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  6. ACK! Too much social media. I refuse anymore after just adding Instagram because I didn’t want to lose touch with a blogger who no longer blogs but does post wonderful pictures of her cats on IG. What happened to the days of rotary dial phones and writing letters to people?!

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    1. I still write hand written letters! Or type them and print them off for my various elder family in Europe. πŸ™‚

      I hate the phone. I have a hearing loss and no interest in straining to hear people on the phone. If they want to skype and I can add captioning to assist with the hearing, OR, I use a headset, then I’m ok to hear.

      But I love the written words too much to go back to phone calls. πŸ™‚

      Anyway the social media is just a necessary evil for some of the things I am planning on doing in the not distant future.

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