The more demented the better (imported from tumblr – test)

(I made a tumblr and am now playing around with it. I imported this post from tumblr to see how it worked. Not sure I will continue to do this. Forgive my ramble below…lol)

I’ve been following Preacher, that show on AMC, for a while now and I like it way better than the Walking Dead.

Truthfully, after TWD entered season 6 aka Negan et al, I stopped watching. Not completely, because Rick was still around. I quit after he was presumed dead. The whole Richonne thing didn’t appeal to me either, frankly, so I only tuned in on and off to catch up with Carol and her posse. And a bit of Darryl. Sort of. After Jesus was killed, I left for good. Tom Payne is eye candy. ❤

Anyway, Preacher is demented. Cassidy slept with Tulip and Jesse doesn’t know (or maybe he knows now, I don’t know) and the whole premise is one big convoluted mess. Hitler is in charge of hell now because Satan is dead. Or that’s what I heard; I missed half of last weekend’s episode because…kids.

Maybe I’ll write some stories for this tumblr to get my mindset out of the parenting trenches. Stories that are demented and outlandish. Just like Preacher.

#television #AMC #Preacher #WalkingDead #Richonne #Carol #writing #creativewriting #amwriting

2 thoughts on “The more demented the better (imported from tumblr – test)

  1. I think it might be quite some time before Automattic really has an impact on Tumblr – perhaps six months or a year – so there’s no hurry to figure everything out. As far as I’ve ever thought of it, Tumblr is much more suited to a stream of consciousness, whereas WordPress is better at long-form posts.

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    1. I haven’t decided how active I will be with tumblr. Maybe only to seek out fresh content for now. My problem will be time…I have plenty now but come September…a lot of this playing and fooling around will fall off.


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