Monday answers to your questions – part III

It’s Monday again and I have more answers to your questions you asked me in this post as well as the follow-up reminder post.

Two weeks ago I answered the questions by IM Fletcher and Deb who asked me related questions about my flight attendant days. Click here to see their inquiries and my responses.

Last week I answered questions about my Swiss background initiated by BereavedSingleDad, Cupcakecache and Joni of Home Place Web. To see those questions and answers, click here.

Remaining questions will be addressed on future Mondays so don’t despair if you haven’t seen yourself mentioned yet. There were 16 people in total who asked me things, and I did take my time to respond accurately and honestly, which you can imagine does take some time.

So here is the next group of questions:

Week of August 12 – part III: Questions about personal likes, social media and inspiration

Question by Alien Resort

Q: Do you like broccoli?

A: Yes.

That’s the short answer. The longer answer (because I am a WRITER of WORDS after all) is that I prefer broccoli in raw, or very lightly steamed state. I like the crunch. I will however eat broccoli if it’s softer and mixed in with pasta or rice (risotto), but I may not purposely choose that dish in a restaurant. Broccoli soup is ok too, but again, I prefer the veg raw.

Question by WalkerCynthia of Making Peace with the Wrong Side of 40

Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: Green. But not all greens! 🙂 I like the sage-y, herby greens, and the deep, forest greens. Not the minty ones, like the hospital waiting room greens, or the pastel, baby ones. Not a fan. I like bold, bright or nature-inspired colours. I also like the blueish tint in green, like the aquas.

Question by Joan Enoch Writes

Q: How are you getting on with your memoirs?

A: I’m not. Boo. 🙄

It’s an interesting question because I thought my trip to Switzerland in early July, where my memoir story begins, would ignite the desire to continue. But it didn’t really do that. I think it will still come, but my brain is almost in overload right now. I get the distinct impression that I need time to decompress, and process, the trip, before I can tackle that memoir story again.

I have been writing oodles of other stories though, and even have a nom de plume, so who knows what lies down the writing career road for me. The memoir may or may not be a part of it…maybe I won’t even write it as a book but simply publish it online. I just don’t know yet.

Question by dfolstad58

Q: Do you have a favorite quote? Or two?

A: I like a lot of different quotes and not all of them are made by celebrities or dead poets or politicians or what have you. But one I like to revisit every once in a while is this one:

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;

An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

(Winston Churchill)

I tend to get down or depressed fairly often, and then the pessimism starts to take hold of me. This quote redirects the energy flow back to where it should be (or at least makes me aware that I’m on a downward spiral so I can attempt to stop it).

Questions by Walter

Q: What is your opinion about social media?

A: I like it. 🙂

I think social media can be a very good thing for people who can use it respectfully and with common sense. For me, a GenXer, it’s crucial to know my way around social media because I am raising young teenagers and I feel like I am better equipped to guide them, and keep them safe, by knowing my way around the social networks. But I also love it for myself. It is an outlet for me to express my creativity.

Q: Social media or blogs, what’s your preference?

A: Well, anywhere where I can write is where I like to go. For me, the blog(s) (I have several) have a weak spot in my heart. I’ve been blogging for 10+ years and still feel very fortunate to have such a fun and engaging community in my pages.

Q: Are blogs also a social network?

A:  Yes. Some people prefer to write for the sake of writing and their aim is not to chase after stats (followers, likes, numbers). I am more drawn to the community aspect, the dialogue, the conversations. This is how we exchange information, perspectives and opinions. I have been fortunate so far that I have not had many trolls to deal with.

Q: Do you think they’re both similar or have differences?

A: Some people use twitter, instragram and other apps to expand their reach. For example, if you post a blog post and would like a larger audience to receive your latest post, you could simultaneously publish it across other social networks like twitter, facebook etc. Quite a few people do this, and I sometimes do too (with twitter mostly).

I have found that my audience in twitter is very different than my audience on my blog (or in facebook, tumblr, instagram or other places) so I have stopped cross-posting occasionally.

The blogs allow for more words to be shared. This is the part that is attractive to me.

The other apps have other focuses – instragram tells the story in pictures and fewer words (generally), twitter is more about links or very short sentences, pinterest is also more about picture, tumblr has its own life, youtube focuses on video clips etc.

So they share the main similarity – tell a story – but do it differently depending on the app.



10 thoughts on “Monday answers to your questions – part III

  1. I think social media is important for everyone these days – or some way to find your way round technology. They have recently brought in the ordering of your own repeat prescriptions here – the chemist (pharmacy) used to do it for you, and delivered it. It will now be delivered but must be ordered by yourself. The doctor’s surgery is reached by two different buses. You have the option to collect your repeat prescription yourself – if it is in and the doctor has signed it (requires a call to the receptionist), and then take it to your chemist who can order it in, if necessary, and deliver it. Or you can go online to order it. If you can do the ‘online’, obviously it’s easier. I have elderly relatives who can’t go online. She is blind and he is deaf. They have close family who could sort it out for them, but they want to remain as independent as possible. They are going along to their surgery to ask them what they can do. But I think it will be up to their relatives. The elderly are starting to lose their independence here (UK) because they can’t manage going online.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s an interesting topic regarding the generations who are not at all, or only in limited ways, online. So much of it today requires internet…

      It has been suggested to me by some older relatives on occasion that maybe I should plug out more. And there are days I really want to. Except, it’s impossible. Even if I wanted to…kids sports schedule alone take up a chunk of time, as does registering for things, school things (still requiring parental consent etc) and all there rest of it.

      But I get it. The elderly without familial support will have to find a different sort of support system and it is hopeful no one will fall through the cracks…


      1. We have the NHS. It is not perfect but at least it is there. But yes – they continue to think in terms of technology solving problems and that is not plausible for everyone – especially the elderly. Family members don’t mind helping them, but psychologically, apart from anything, it is important for many of the elderly to be able to keep going. But yes. As you say, there are elderly without family to help out. When they can no longer cope, there is no recourse other than to put them in homes.

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  2. Great idea for a series. I like that quote as it deals with attitude, which may be the only thing we control.

    Two friends of mine have recently passed and each had amazing attitudes. Each very different, each touched so many. Each positive to the end.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I struggle with positivity so yes, I do look to this quote often. I should do better though… 🙂

      I understand what you mean about seeing it in other people. My sil died last year and she was the same.


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