Spills and accidents and other mayhem

I have plans for my weekend, to get things done and accomplished. The family is away on their annual camping trip and this mom here is on a roll.

But now I’m not so sure how much I’ll actually get accomplished. I don’t really want to be stuck inside the house or the basement dealing with some of the items on my list; the weather is absolutely gorgeous and I’m dog sitting so I’m drawn to the outdoors more than to the indoor tasks.

So. What.

Summer weather won’t be around forever…

I will however deal with the (former office) corner clutter. Before the girl child left, she put together 75% of this thing I got at Ikea. By herself. While watching that ridiculous wedding dress show on tv. 🙄

I finished it last night and it’s sitting there waiting to be moved and filled with her crafting supplies. Which I will do later, after I walk the dog.

This morning was initially blissful. I got up to sunshine and cool and crisp outdoor air. I love sleeping with the windows open…delicious!

I made coffee and then moved myself over to the sofa. Just as I was putting my cup down on the tray on the ottoman a flurry of activity happened involving the dog and a squirrel which ended with the tray on the floor and coffee spilled.

Not. Impressed.

So I did what I always do: I cleaned up, brewed more coffee, gave the stupid squirrel a walnut, the stupid dog a bone from the freezer stuffed with marrow, and finally sat down to sip my second coffee. Which was actually my first.

It’s only 7 am. (I am an early riser.)

After a while, Jerry decided to abandon his bone and look for his ball. He found it. I should have taped an audio of the whimpering crying sounds he makes when he can’t reach it and wants someone to get it for him.

I’m not getting up. 😛

After coffee, I’ll walk him, feed him, and then will deal with this.

Good morning Sunday!

How are things with your weekend?

15 thoughts on “Spills and accidents and other mayhem

  1. Early risers do accomplish more, but they need a nap – and what’s wrong with that? Nothing I say. But encouraging a squirrel by feeding it is nuts! My Dad learned his lesson with squirrels the hard way when they came down his chimney looking for more food, voila! indoor squirrels!

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  2. I love that you gave a nut to the squirrle and a bone to the dog!!!! Very cute doggo, by the way.

    Wow! I’ve assembled many an Ikea bookcase but have never tackled anything with drawers because I’ve heard drawers are hard, so I’m really, really impressed!!!

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  3. We have had a pretty busy Sunday too – cleaning up, tidying up, etc. We WERE working in the garden this afternoon, until the heavens opened. I’m now figuring out how long until I can get to the shop to buy something nice to drink this evening.

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  4. It’s awesome that your girl jumped in and worked on this herself. Mine would attempt one attachment, decide she didn’t know what she was doing and couldn’t do it and hand it all over to me.

    It’s cloudy, dreary and rainy here, so I have a feeling it is going to be a lazy day.

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  5. So, the word of the day is procrastination? The old “kick-the-can-down-the-road” routine. Been there. Problem is, if you procrastinate too long, new stuff piles on the old stuff, and then you have to make more coffee and sink deeper into the couch.

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