Small luxuries

So after my little meltdown yesterday the main floor of this house is clean(er).

I think I melted down because I was out for an appointment and some errands and came home to the entire house looking like a landfill. There is only so much of this I can take on a regular basis.. (blah)

The amount of dust and dirt that can accumulate in a house with people coming and going all day, it’s quite impressive. Evidence of summer certainly has its way of leaving impressions: there was three piles of red clay sand I swept up (from the kids baseball cleats), dust bunnies that have multiplied while I was sweeping, popcorn and sunflower seed shells (Spits, a baseball snack) on and in between the sofa cushions, plus other random crap. Like lip calm, pencils and erasers, tissues and napkins, dead batteries when someone changed them in the tv remote, a dog toy…lordy.


While this was going on the fridge started making its monthly rattling noise signaling we had to defrost it again. DON’T BUY SAMSUNG FRIDGES.

But I digress.

Here are the good things that have happened which I am choosing to focus on today:

I have new towels courtesy my mom. ❀

I washed some of them (the dryer is still broken and I have limited space to hang things so I only washed a few so far to use) and omg they are so soft!

I only used the hand towel so far but later I’ll use the bath one after my shower. Can’t wait to feel its softness!

I chose a steel-gray with a hint of purple colour for my set, and my partner gets the steel-blue ones. The teen too gets blue and the girl child picked a lavender colour for herself.

Maybe I’m weird, but new, fluffy towels seem like a bit if a luxury to me. My other ones are two decades old and so thin and frayed, they don’t even absorb water anymore. πŸ™‚

The other thing that I’m looking forward to is a quick trip to Ikea this morning. I decided to remove the bins of art supplies I purchased for the girl child and set up a drawer tower instead. This is her last chance to keep order on my former corner office which I gave up for her art and crafting-if she fails to put her stuff away she will be banished to the basement.

This is what she considers tidy. Only problem is, when she wants to craft she can’t use that table now because she didn’t tidy up the crafting from earlier, so she migrates to the dining table. Where I have moved my office to. So now her stuff is cluttering up my space again and I can’t win. πŸ™„

It’s amazing how creative she is but in a small house she has to respect other people’s space and she can’t migrate all over every available surface. Sheesh.

The tower of drawers will go where the little grey drawer thingy is now. That will get pushed under the table once the bins are removed. The new tower of drawers will house her clutter and I’ll stick the charging station on top.

So there’s that.

It’s almost the weekend! They’re going camping, and I’m staying home, which will be like a mini holiday for me.

Note to self: pick up some wine and a couple of gourmet meals so I don’t have to cook.

How’s your weekend plans looking? Some people are almost at the back to school point. Here in Canada we go back after Labour Day, so not until first week of September.

It’s Friday!

26 thoughts on “Small luxuries

  1. Whenever I think about new towels, I always wonder if they will ever be quite the same as they were when they were new. A bit like fleece tops I suppose – you know that once they’ve been washed they will never be quite as soft again.

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  2. I’m the crafty one and have had my studio banished to the basement because the rooms upstairs weren’t big enough to house it all. And the mess, even when tidy looked messy, was visible from the front door, so I really hated that. I do tend to be the messy one to everyone else’s neatness around here. Not that I’m really all that messy, but they are so NOT messy that my little piles here and there tend to stand out like a sore thumb.

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      1. I call it organized chaos. Drives the Hubby and BG up the wall sometimes (really not that often, I swear). She even asked me if she could clean off my kitchen island the other day as it is the one place that ends up being a catch all for things that need to get put away. I was evil mom and just laughed at her.

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      2. You are not invited to be my roommate then. πŸ˜‚

        I understand though. Neat piles don’t bother me as much if they serve a purpose. Kids and their clutter often do not serve long term purposes, and storing MoneySense or Outdoor hobby magazines from 1998 and 1999 is just silly. Go read you ipad. πŸ™‚

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      3. Ha! Yeah, we’d probably clash a bit.

        I am so much better after a couple of years of doing a whole house decluttering. If I didn’t need it or use it, it was gone. And that was a pretty harsh level of “do I need” or “do I use”. Not a whole lot made it through that process. My problem has always been with stuff that doesn’t exactly have a home and needs one or stuff, like medicines on the counter in the winter, that is being used or will be used shortly. The other being the pet fur rugs that tend to form on every surface within minutes of vacuuming.

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  3. My 6-year old craft-happy daughter does the same. She has three dedicated surfaces of her own and always migrates to my desk/table/counter/coffee table, etc., because she can’t clean up after herself. She’ll even turn over an empty bin to create a new surface before cleaning up her own messes. It’s eternally frustrating.

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  4. Yes, it’s amazing how fast things get dirty. I do most of the vacuuming. Today, since we’re still on 4 day work weeks, I started by vacuuming the kitchen which is ALWAYS filthy. We spend most of our time in there. The rug is always full of dirt. I had to empty the vacuum mid vacuum (but to be fair, it was full from the last time). The cats keep messing stuff up too – WTF! I found a whole stack of mail scattered on the kitchen floor and all the DVD’s are knocked off of the shelf. I’m thinking porcelain cats next time. Maybe with a little porcelain ball of yarn.

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  5. You mention banishing the daughter to the basement if necessary… have you considered banishing yourself to the basement after putting a lock on the door (inside, not from the house side) and enjoying the luxury of a space that is yours?
    Now I realize that the horror you might find when you decide to emerge into the house at any given time may negate this idea but just imagine what life could be like for brief moments of peace πŸ˜‰

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    1. The basement is full of hockey gear, guinea pig cage and his office which doesn’t currently look like a landfill but has in the past. It’s also where the teen hangs out with his playstation. It’s only one room. He’s supposedly selling stuff on kijiji too so whatever space there was is full of boxes and piles of things he wants to sell.

      It’s a small, tiny bungalow we live in… πŸ˜‰

      So no.

      Plus, I need daylight to be happy. There isn’t much down there… (Woe is me…blah)

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