Far away

The title is a hint.

I’m in a horrible mood. šŸ˜”šŸ˜¤šŸ˜µ

If you live in my physical world, leaving me alone is ultimately much more conducive to your health and survival at this point, so do yourself a favour:

Stay far away.


PS. They’re planning a camping trip. I’m planning a complete clear-out purge of this place while they’re away that will be the envy of anyone who’s familiar with Hoarders.

Just sayin’. šŸ˜›

17 thoughts on “Far away

      1. Just think of the two days as pre-planning days-make lists or fill your phone with pics of everything that can go. I would likely have an hourly schedule and chart ready to go with 2 whole days of planning šŸ˜‰
        Plus stock up on food now (and wine of course) so you can dedicate your time fully to the purge!

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      2. Wine yes. Was thinking of treating myself to outside food though…

        They got all their camping stuff everywhere throughout the house. The dryer is broken, it’s raining on and off so there’s clothes like underwear hanging everywhere to dry. Maybe I’ll go stay at my parents’ till they’ve gone…ugh.

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      3. Go to the laudromat, ours is broken also and the driers are very calming to put money into and there are such weird people sometimes. I feel a lot better about my life when I return.

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